Are Paul MacNeill & Jenn Trivette Still Together?

Paul MacNeill’s girlfriend Jenn Trivette and her son Riley only make a few brief appearances during tonight’s episode of My 600-Lb. Life. But, that doesn’t stop viewers from finding this couple to be absolutely adorable. As the episode comes to an end and viewers start to see 2021 updates on Paul MacNeill and where he is now… One big question viewers have is simple: Are Paul MacNeill and Jenn Trivette still together?

Meet Jenn Trivette

Paul MacNeill’s girlfriend Jenn Trivette does not make too many appearances on tonight’s episode of My 600-Lb. Life. She makes a brief appearance early on in the episode after Paul explains she’s forced to come to see him because of his size. Paul explains that he hates that he has an amazing girlfriend he can’t do things with. Moreover, he also hates that he can’t do things with her son Riley. So, Paul wants to lose weight to be more involved in his girlfriend’s life.

Jen Trivette makes another appearance toward the end of the episode as well. During this portion of the episode, Paul has lost 100 pounds and he’s become much more mobile. He was able to take her to the beach and walk on the pier. He explained that because of his size, walking on the actual beach was not safe because of the sand. Paul MacNeill brought his girlfriend here because he wanted to tell her he was approved for surgery. He also wanted to make her a promise Paul promised that he would go to Houston, he would lose this weight, and then he would return to her. Upon his return, he would finally be able to walk on the beach with her.

Dr Now - Paul macNeill

600-Lb. Life: Are Paul MacNeill and his girlfriend Jenn still together?

A quick scroll through Facebook reveals both Paul’s account and Jenn’s confirm they are still in a relationship. And, as we mentioned previously, Jenn even did her part to help raise money for Paul to pay his bills while recovering from weight loss surgery.

On his profile picture, Paul MacNeill has tons of pictures of his beautiful blonde angel. The two seem happier and more in love than ever.

Paul MacNeill My 600 Lb Life

On her Facebook profile, Jenn Trivette admits seeing a preview of the episode made her emotional. She, however, wants the world to know his weight loss journey is just beginning. Moreover, she wants the world to know she loved Paul when he was over 750 pounds, she loves him now that he’s lost 250 pounds, and she will continue to love him regardless of what the future holds.


Are you happy to hear Paul MacNeill and his girlfriend Jen Trivette are still together? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on My 600-Lb. Life.

Are Paul MacNeill & Jenn Trivette Still Together?
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