Apple fans rave about amazing iPhone hack to upgrade your handset – but exec warns it might not be safe

THERE’S a quick and easy way to get iPhone updates before your mates – but tread carefully.

This week, a top Apple executive explained why it might be better to wait until iOS 9 rolls out automatically.


It’s easy and quick to get iOS updates before your friendsCredit: Getty

Apple releases new versions of its iPhone operating system every few days.

These updates are mainly for bug fixes and security patches. However, more important updates can add new tools and features.

The vast majority of Apple fans wait for their iPhone to update automatically – the default way to upgrade your iOS.

However, some choose instead to download updates manually by heading to Settings > General > Software Update.

This allows users to get iOS updates weeks before they roll out automatically.

This is a great way for you to receive new features faster than your friends who are still waiting for their iPhones’ updates.

The catch is in the details.

Redditor earlier this week Share an email sent to him by Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior VP of software engineering.

User “Kechoopix”Federighi said that he originally messaged Federighi with a question about Apple’s auto-update system.

A long-serving staffer explained that Apple delays auto-updates to allow users to give feedback before rolling out more widespread upgrades.

Based on the feedback, the company improves the update to fix bugs and other problems before releasing it to general public.

“We incrementally rollout new iOS updates by first making them available for those that explicitly seek them out in Settings,” Federighi wrote.

“Then one to four weeks later (after we’ve received feedback on the update) ramp up to rolling out to devices with auto-update enabled.”

What does this mean to those who manually update their computer? This could mean that you are in for a bumpier journey.

This rollout is more bug-laden and has other issues than that released to users using auto-update.

This could lead to a more frustrating experience. However, you might consider this a small price for faster access.

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