Apex Legends’ Storm Point Update Will Change Everything

The most significant change to Storm Point is probably the new Point of interest (POI), “Downed Beast.”According to in-game lore Storm Point was the scene of a recent attack by an unidentified prehistoric creature. Although many Legends in the game have a difficult relationship with each other, they joined forces to defeat this monstrous threat. Ecological Cleanup and Hazard Outreach has arrived at Storm Point to help clean up the island. However, it might take some time to remove a large monster from the area. This has resulted in a large piece of shoreline that was once empty being home to the crustacean-like creature.

According to patch notes, the POI will hold high-tier loot. This will make it a hot spot for dropping into matches. Its hard shell is advertised as providing cover against enemy gunfire. Respawn claims that the creature’s hard shell is ideal for covering against enemy gunfire. “Teams are encouraged to land on one of the platforms and gather loot at one of the many ECHO tents, then make their way through the interior of the beast.”


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