Anyone who has ever sent a photograph to an iPhone is warned!

Did you know that photos can contain hidden data?

You will find a treasure trove hidden behind the scenes.


TikToker demonstrates how to delete dataCredit: @kadama

It is common to list details like the date, time, and device used.

It also reveals the exact location of the photo.

This could also mean that you should take photos at home of your location.

This information is stored in what’s known as EXIF data. It stands for exchangeable images file.

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It is a standard format that tags images with key information.

EXIF viewer sites allow anyone to view all of these details.

TikToker KadamaSensitized people to the problem by urging them not to send photos without deleting any hidden data.

“This shows me the exact location the picture was taken and a bunch of my other private information,”He said it, showing how simple it is to see.

There are many apps out there that can stripe the EXIF data.

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Some are free, such as Exif Metadata.

You can also remove the location directly from the Photos app, by clicking the iTapping and pressing AdjustNearby the address.

Android users can also download them, such as Photo Metadata Removal.

You can also do this directly from your computer.

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Right click the image on a computer and choose Properties.

Then, open the More DetailsTab and choose Remove Personal Information and PropertiesAt the bottom

Location and time photo was taken revealed


Photograph taken at the same time and locationCredit: @kadama

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Anyone who has ever sent a photograph to an iPhone is warned!

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