Anti-Cancel Culture Conference Featuring Nigel Farage Has Been Cancelled


The right-wing ‘Counter Conference’ featuring Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage has been cancelled after it was expected to take place next week. 

The event, described as a ‘celebration of the intellectual rebellion against the status quo,’ was set to take place at the O2’s 3,000 capacity Indigo venue.

Figures such as Laurence Fox were expected to attend the event, and Farage had even interviewed former US president Donald Trump on GB News in preparation for the discussion.

GETTR, former Trump aide Jason Miller’s social media platform, was hosting the event, however, on Tuesday, November, 30, the meeting had to be cancelled because of the UK’s new coronavirus regulations.

The latest rules meant the likes of Miller and former US Housing Secretary Ben Carson would have had to self-isolate upon their arrival into the country until they had received their test results on day two, The Mirror reports.

A spokesperson for GETTR, Miller’s right-wing alternative platform to Twitter, claimed the rules would result in ‘scheduling travel to the conference impossible for many of the conference’s confirmed speakers and participants’.

Due to the UK’s newly-mandated travel restrictions, we regret to announce that the Counter Conference event that was to be held on the 8th December at Indigo at The O2 has been cancelled

However, despite having a 3,000 capacity venue, according to The Spectator, just 400 tickets to the event were sold.

‘We will not give up on our initiatives to take back our Western birth rights and the Counter Conference will be held in the coming months bigger than ever,’ he said.

A spokesperson for GETTR stated that while the event was cancelled, ‘they can’t stop Counter Conference, they can only hope to slow us down’.

‘But fear not, we’ll be back this spring bigger and better than ever!’, they concluded.

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