Ant and Dec’s Limitless Win fans’ ‘nerves wrecked’ as sisters lose £30k and exit after gamble

Amy and Sarah, the Welsh sisters, were asked by Geordie duo how many points the red maple leaf in the centre of Canada’s flag has. They incorrectly answered three rather than eleven

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Ant and Dec’s Limitless Win: Contestants lose £30,000

ITV viewers were left on the edge of their seats when contestants on Ant and Dec’s Limitless Win risked £30,000 and lost.

Geordie duo Amy and Sarah, sisters from Wales, asked them how many points were on the red maple Leaf at the center of the Canadian flag.

Amy and Sarah immediately settled on the guess of 3, but the camera panted to the studio viewers, making them cringe.

The pair debated cashing out with their £30,000 or trying to continue up the money ladder, until Sarah pressed the button to ‘lock in’You can continue without Amy’s approval.

However, the answer was 11 and the sisters did not have enough lifelines to stay in the game and so lost the £30,000 they had worked up to, walking away empty-handed.

Amy and Sarah immediately settled on the guess of three



Ant said: “Ladies, you have run out of lives. The exact answer was 11. I’m devastated for you. You were so close on so many occasions.”

The pair were working towards £150,000 on the ladder until it all went wrong, and Ant told them he was “really sorry”They weren’t able to see the cash go home.

While the sisters managed not to weep, the viewers of the show took to Twitter and expressed their feelings. “heartbreak”The situation.

One user wrote: “Nerves are wrecked watching #LimitlessWin! Great show, these two at the min won’t be going home mates.”

Another thought: “Limitless Win is actually giving me a minor heart attack.”

The pair debated cashing out with their £30,000



The third was: “Gutted for them. They got nervous and scared.”

Many of the viewers said they might not have taken the same decision to keep going with £30,000 on the line.

One wrote: “Oh gosh. I’m not right for this show because I could never gamble 30k.”

Another author wrote: “1 rash decision cost £30,000. Amazing,”With a laughing crying Emoji

The pair were working towards £150,000 on the ladder until it all went wrong



Another user tweeted: “I would CRY I’d I lost that £30k #LimitlessWin.”

Amy spoke to the cameras before she appeared on the show: “We want to take risks and risks that are worth it to win a life changing amount of money.”

Sarah said: “I thought it would be fun, and there’s no one else I’d rather do it with than my sister.”

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