Anne Heche is injured and severely burned in a car crash. She was taken to hospital.

Anne Heche was According to reports, a Los Angeles car accident left a victim injured.She was rushed to hospital. According to TMZHeche, reportedly behind the wheel a mini cooper blue and crashed into an apartment complex garage in Mar Vista.

Heche alerted all residents to the accident, prompting others to try to assist her. According to reports, she put the car in reverse and drove off. Later, she hit a home and set off a fire. The fire engulfed the house and trapped her.

TMZ makes some assumptions about the contents of the car and the photos. It suggests that alcohol might have been present in the car. Officially, Heche was taken to hospital with severe burns. Aerial photos show Heche with charred clothes as she is being carried on a stretcher into an ambulance.

The whole incident was captured by local cameras. Video showed Heche reaching out from the stretcher and grasping her legs, before being lifted into an ambulance.

Before TMZ reported Heche was the driver, viewers on KTLA believed they were witnessing another unusual traffic incident. It was Heche, a Dancing With the Stars alum and ex-partner to Ellen DeGeneres.

TMZ states that Heche was being administered for treatment “severe burns”And was “currently in the hospital intubated but expected to live.”She also stated that it was impossible for her to test her system for alcohol.

“We really had a multifaceted incident here,”Erik Scott, LAFD captain, spoke in front of the media. “We had a significant traffic collision, we had entrapment of a woman inside that, we had car that erupted into fire, and then we had a home that had significant fire that is red tagged. It’s at this point destroyed.”

KTLA also adds HecheThe vehicle’s owner was registered. It was totally destroyed by the fire. Heche was able to rescue the vehicle from the wreckage.


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