Anna Duggar Takes a Rare Selfie Following Josh Duggar’s Prison Transfer

Anna Duggar is the wife of Josh Duggar who was convicted on disgraceful reality star. She resurfaced on Instagram Sunday, to wish her sister happy birthday. Anna Duggar has been very absent from social networks since her husband was convicted of federal child pornography charges back in December 2021. Duggar was sentenced for more than 12 years and was transferred to the federal facility to serve his sentence.

Anna posted a simple photo with her sister, Priscilla. The formerCounting OnStar wore white, and her sister wore a red blouse. “Happy birthday, Priscilla!”Anna, aged 34, captioned her post. She also added the tune of “Happy Birthday to You”To the post.

(Photo: Anna Duggar/@annaduggar)

Anna hasn’t shared an Instagram traditional post yet Seit Februar 3.When she asked her followers to read her failed motion for Duggar’s acquittal (linked in her Instagram bio), Sometimes she has posted to her Instagram Story. Photos and messages are deleted after 24 hours. In June, she celebrated her 34th Birthday by sharing a post in which she hinted that she had visited Duggar. But, Duggar’s prison did not allow visitors.

“Officially 34. [14 years] since I said, ‘YES!’ Road-tripping to visit my bestie,”Anna wrote in June. “‘Even If’ by MercyMe on repeat. ‘Jesus, I will cling to You, come what may.’ You’ve been faithful. You’ve been good.”

U.S. Marshals arrested Duggar in April 2021 and charged him with receiving and possessing child pornography. Federal prosecutors charged him with obtaining the images in May 2019, according to federal prosecutors. According to the grand jury indictment, the former TLC star claimed that he obtained the images in May 2019. “knowingly”Images proving that children younger than 12 were sexually abused have been obtained. Duggar pleaded guilty and his trial began in November 2021.

Duggar was convicted and the sentencing hearing was delayed several times until May. He was sentenced to 151 months in prison, and 20 years of supervised release. Without supervision, he can not visit Anna or his children. Instead, he will need to report for probation and must attend sex crime treatment programs. Mackynzie is 12 years old, and Duggar is 8. Meredith, 6. Mason, 4. and Maryella, 4. Madyson was their seventh child and she was born just weeks before Duggar began his trial.

Duggar was moved to the Federal Correctional Institute, Seagoville, Texas (near Dallas) on June 28th, according to reports Us Weekly. Duggar’s Arkansas hometown is approximately five and a half hours away from the low-security facility. Travis Story, Duggar’s lawyer, stated that Duggar was sentenced. InTouch Weekly His team has plans to appeal Duggar’s conviction.


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