Angie J. Angie J.

From her time on My 600-Lb lifeFans have become very unpopular with Angie J. She was pretty successful with her weight loss goals while on the program, but today, a lot of fans can’t stand her.

Keep reading to find out more about her obnoxious habit that’s getting under her followers’ skin.

My 600-Lb lifeFans have had enough with Angie J.

My 600-Lb lifeIt is common for viewers to cheer on guests who do well on the show. But that isn’t the case for Angie J. any longer. Since leaving the show, she’s had a habit of posting outrageous sob stories online and asking her followers for money.

Angie J./My 600-Lb Life

“Angie J begging for $$$ again,” Redditor posted an online comment. They attached a screenshot of a social media post from Angie J. asking for some donations for her granddaughter’s birthday.

“My granddaughter’s 7th birthday is tomorrow,”The My 600-Lb lifeThe post was written by guest. She attached her Cash App username which Redditor had blacked out and invited people to send money to her. “show her some love.”

Angie J. Angie J.

Angie J. Angie J.

Many users didn’t take the post very well. This isn’t the first time Angie J. asked her followers to send her money online and they aren’t impressed.

“She’s almost at the Assanti level of annoying for me. Go away, Angie. Go away,”One Redditor wrote.

“God I would hate to be begging people online for money. She does it so often with so many different sob stories. It’s pathetic,”You can add someone else.

What do you think about this situation? Is it easy to sympathize with Angie J., or do you get tired of hearing her sob stories? You can leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments.

Angie J. tells fans she’s about to lose everything

My 600-Lb lifeFans who follow Angie J. online know that she has asked for money for many things. This week it was her granddaughter’s birthday, but not long ago she claimed she was about to “lose everything.”

In another social media post, she chastised followers that kick her while she’s down and says that she’s just trying to get back on her feet. However, Redditors didn’t take this post from Angie J. well either. They noticed over time that the My 600-Lb lifeThe participant often begs online for money and has no way to know if she truly needs it.

My 600-Lb. Life from TLC
Angie J./My 600-Lb Life

Either way, Angie J. doesn’t have the best reputation with the fan base right now. It will take her a lot of time and hard work to get their support.

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