Andy Cohen Shares Gorgeous Lucy Eve’s 3 Month Update

Live: Watch What HappensAndy Cohen, the host, welcomed Lucy Eve via surrogate on April 29, 2022. Recently, the proud father shared a touching milestone with Instagram fans. The 54-year old is now a father to two. On February 4, 2019, Benjamin Allen Cohen was born via surrogate. The TV personality said that although the surrogates were different, they are still biological brothers.

Andy Cohen Celebrates Daughter’s 3-Month Birthday

The host shared a lovely picture of her daughter Friday on InstagramHe is growing faster than a vine. The post marked the young one’s 3-month birthday as she wore a cute green onesie pajama with lemons all over it. The blue-eyed beauty sat next to her stuffed toys and read a piece of paper that was placed in front. “3 MONTHS OLD.”

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The post was captioned by the talk show host. “3 months!”

As one joked, fans shared their thoughts in the comments section. “Second kids get the homemade paper sign! Can relate.”

Another was also agreed to “I love that he’s a celebrity, and he just wrote it on a piece of paper; instead of using those fancy stickers.”

Another chimed, “Everyone has blankets and posters for 3 months, you have a piece of scrap paper, I love you, Andy Cohen.”

Andy Cohen Instagram

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An additional fourth was added “Andy!! Lucy is beautiful. Love the 3-month sign- such a Dad sign!!! Lol.”

Five percent of the respondents complained. “Andrew Cohen, you are not making that angel pose with that raggedy a** piece of paper.”

Lucy, a TV show host, turns singer for her daughter

The father was seen earlier in the week becoming a singer for his daughter. He uploaded a sweet video to Instagram of his daughter sitting on his lap while he sang “Candyman”by The Grateful Dead. The young one stared right into her father’s eyes and even gently nodded as she tuned in to his voice.

The TV host captioned it. “Lucy x ‘Candyman.’My little girl loves singing to me. Every week she learns a little more. ‘awake.’ 

Andy Cohen Instagram

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Fans were quick to jump in and comment on how adorable the video was. “I mean, heart explosion.”

There is another, “She is focused on daddy!”

The third is “She’s so mesmerized by your voice,”While a fourth chimed, “I think I saw a little head bop and a few taps of the toes… our little Lucy has rhythm, honey!”

Andy Cohen talks about his struggles with dating

Cohen recently talked about his experience dating as a father of two during an appearance on SiriusXM’s Stern Show Summer School. Conversing with the hosts Rahsaan Rogers and Gary Dell’Abate, he admitted that he is trying to date. This can lead to emotional chaos when you have two young children.

Bravo Andy Cohen YouTube

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Do you relate to Andy Cohen’s struggle as a single parent looking for a date? What do you think of baby Lucy’s adorable picture? Please share your comments!

Andy Cohen Shares Gorgeous Lucy Eve's 3 Month Update
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