An ex-Navy captain pleads guilty to massive corruption case in San Diego

Prosecutors said Wednesday that a former U.S. Navy Captain pleaded guilty for accepting almost $68,000 in dinners and parties from a Malaysian defense contractor.

Donald Hornbeck, who entered the plea in San Diego federal court, acknowledged that while directing operations of combat ships in the 7th Fleet in the Western Pacific, he benefited Leonard Francis by steering ships to ports for service by the contractor’s Singapore-based company. Hornbeck also acknowledged that he shared confidential Navy information with Francis, according to a statement from the U.S. attorney’s office.

Hornbeck is among 34 Navy officers and contractors, which includes Francis, who are accused of fraud and bribery schemes that, among other things, provided Glenn Defense Marine Asia classified ship schedules. This allowed them to outperform their competitors and charge more for services.

Ninety-nine defendants pleaded guilty.

The Navy was charged $35 million for the scheme.

“While scores of Navy officials were partying with Leonard Francis, a massive breach of national security was in full swing,”Randy Grossman, U.S. attorney, made the statement in a statement. “Today another participant has admitted that he lost his way, allowing greed to replace honor and duty as the driving force in his life.”

Hornbeck, 61-year-old Hornbeck from Greenfield, Indiana is due to be sentenced in September. He could spend up to 15 consecutive years in prison, and receive a $250,000 fine.


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