An Australian man was mistakenly bombarded by calls from people trying vote on The Voice

A man in Australia was wrongly bombarded with thousands upon thousands of calls and texts after he tried to vote in the final version of the Aussie election. The Voice.

Brisbane local Antoni was shocked to find his phone blowing up with texts from members of the public after people mistakenly sent him messages thinking they were contacting the show’s official voting line.

Viewers were told to text their favourite artist’s name to a number in order to support them, with a maximum of three votes for each person.

The show never showed the incorrect number, but as Antoni’s phone number was just one number off the correct one he was contacted by people mistakenly.

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Speak to stated: “I deleted the first few hundred (messages) because I thought I was being spammed, not realising people were voting. I have not watched the show and had no idea why people were texting me the contestant names.

Lachie Duets With Rita Ora – Lady Gaga | The Grand Finale | The Voice

“It wasn’t until I saw an advert with the mobile number posted that I realised how close it was to my number… and the penny dropped.”

He said: “I have probably a couple of thousand texts that could be added up, and a few hundred voice messages where people verbally voted.”

“As you can imagine, my mobile is key part of my work so having it go off at all times of the day and night, it got to a point where I had to put it in ‘do not disturb’ mode, which meant I have missed many calls and text messages as I had to try and decipher between real messages from colleagues vs all of the voting messages from random people.”

Rita and Lachie celebrated winning the finals over the weekendChannel 7

Things reached a peak during Sunday’s final, which saw Lachie Gill beat Thando Sikwila, Jordan Tavita and Faith Sosene.

Lachie’s victory ensured a win for Team Rita Ora, beating other judges Keith Urban, Jessica Mauboy and Guy Sebastian.

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