Amy Roloff Shares Regret Amid Ex Matt Roloff’s Attempted Sale

TLC’s latest series of the reality TV show brought Amy Roloff to the front of attention her feelings about her ex-husband selling a part of their farm. Roloff makes it clear that she regrets leaving her farm after her divorce.

Roloff had previously expressed her shock at Matt Roloff selling in interviews with outlets. But this is the first time that she has shown it on the series. She is expressing her sadness and her hopes for the future, but it’s also highlighted.

“Leaving the farm was hard for me at the time. I was hoping pretty much that this property would be turned over or [for] the opportunity to negotiate with the two boys,” Roloff. “That makes me sad that I got off the farm mainly for that particular reason. Would I have made other choices? Possibly. And I would’ve bought Matt out and turned around and said, ‘Okay kid, how can we make this work?’ or something. And I didn’t do that. So it’ll be sad for a while.”

She was also well aware of the reactions of her children to Roloff Farms’ sale. Drama surrounding Zach Roloff’s perceived snub by his father has spilled into the real world, with Zach Roloff the most vocal voice in the public sphere. Knowing this, Amy Roloff’s words were right on the money.

“I am not sure how the kids will react to the news when Matt tells them that he’s putting it on the market. The dynamics of the family will definitely change,”She said. Zach Roloff and Tori Roloff have left the farm and area since news broke about it. Jeremy Roloff has purchased a farm for his family away from the family farm.

Matt Roloff’s sale is not moving at the pace he had in mind, despite the drama surrounding his child. According to the latest reports, the house is still up for sale at $4 million. The listing was close to a month old. If Roloff doesn’t sell the house soon, will he regret his decision?


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