Amy King Schools Family on Josh Duggar’s “Sinister” Core

Amy King is schooling her famous family on Josh Duggar’s “sinister” core. Through a series on social media, she has been blasting the Duggars. Continue reading to find out what Amy said and why she made this bold statement.

Josh Duggar was convicted of two child pornography offenses in December. He will be sentenced on 25 May. Many members of the Duggar and his family wrote letters about Duggar’s character before he was sent to prison. Based on the positive comments his family made about him, the goal is to get him a shorter sentence.

You can Learn more about the letters by clicking here.

In the last few days, Amy’s cousin has shared quite a bit of her thoughts on social media. Deanna Duggar, Amy’s mother, is known for speaking out against the famous relatives she has raised.

Amy, however, is calling Josh at this moment “sinister.” This is a word that she hasn’t used to describe him publicly in the past.

It looks like both Amy and Deanna are hoping to raise awareness about what’s going on with Josh and the rest of the family.

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Amy King claims Josh Duggar was a cheater ‘sinister’ side?

Amy King sent out a few tweets Friday, May 13, that appeared to be about her famous cousin and family in response the newly released letters.

One of her TweetsAmy speaks about Michelle’s writings. She is open to the positive points mentioned. She also points out that Josh is actually a very good person. “sinister side”As well.

It is called “Duggar” by the Duggar’s cousin “a side to him that makes your skin crawl. You can’t ignore what he did years ago, and what he was caught looking at! ”

In another Tweet, Amy talks about how abusers aren’t always “lurking.”She points out that the abusers are often friends and family members who come across as abusive. “well-liked.”

Amy King appears to be responding via Twitter to recent letters, judging by the timing of her tweets. And it looks like she’s trying to prove that Josh isn’t the person his parents and friends described him as.

So, do you agree with Amy King talking about Josh Duggar’s “sinister” core? Leave your comments below. Return to Television Shows Ace Find out more about the Duggars.

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