Amy Halterman celebrates Baby Glenn’s first month birthday

Amy Halterman 1000-Lb. SistersTo InstagramJust a few hours back, there was something significant to celebrate. It turned out that Glenn Allen Halterman, her second child, had just reached a significant milestone. Gage’s baby brother has officially been part of this world for one whole month. And, the Halterman family spent the day celebrating baby Glenn’s one-month birthday.

Amy Halterman pays tribute to Glenn with a beautiful tribute

It’s not easy, no matter how hard it may seem 1000-Lb. Sisters It is hard to believe that Amy and Michael Halterman welcomed Glenn into this world exactly one month ago. Amy posted a beautiful tribute to Glenn on Instagram just hours ago.

“Oh my word my baby is one month today. I can’t believe it. Im so blessed. Thank you Jesus for my miracle boys…..”She wrote in her touching tribute.


Amy Halterman’s tribute came attached with several sweet milestone pictures of her baby boy as he turns one month old.

Will the Halterman family make a comeback on television?

1000-Lb. Sisters Fans would love nothing more than for Amy, Michael, Gage and Glenn Halterman returning to TLC for an additional season. Fans, however, aren’t so sure if that is going to happen. As many fans will recall, Amy was extremely open about her pregnancy throughout before Glenn was born.

This is something she didn’t do with Gage because she was under contract and not allowed to do so. Amy Halterman actually spoke directly to TvShowsAce It was difficult to not share Gage’s photos until after his birth episode aired. So, fans have a hard time believing the Halterman family plans to return for another season because they haven’t kept anything under wraps via social media.

Amy Halterman - Instagram
Amy Halterman – Instagram

Moreover, Amy Halterman has admitted she isn’t sure she wants to come back and do the show. The TLC star admitted that unless they could work out a deal that involved seriously dialing back the amount of time they had to spend filming, her family just wasn’t that interested in doing any more seasons of the show. However, Tammy Slaton’s sister Tammy Slaton has sang a different tune on TikTok, indicating that she is very interested in another season.

Can you believe that it’s already been over a month since Amy Halterman gave life to Glenn? Are you happy that she shared these beautiful photos and the milestone with her fans on Instagram? Please comment below to let us know your thoughts. For more TLC news, please keep checking back.

Amy Halterman celebrates Baby Glenn's first month birthday
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