American Idol Reveals Which Judges Will Return For Season 21

American Idol is bringing the gang back together for a second season. The singing competition’s sixth season will be broadcast on ABC, with judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie returning. It will also return in spring 2023. Deadline reported Thursday. Since 2018, when ABC revived Fox’s competition show, Perry, Bryan, and Richie were the judges. Seacrest has been hosting the show since then. IdolIt was first shown in 2002.

Season 6 auditions start Aug. 3. The live virtual audition tour, dubbed “Dubbed”, will take place. Idol Across AmericaIn all 50 states. After competing against Leah Marlene, HunterGirl and Noah Thompson in the finale, Noah Thompson won the Season 5 crown. “My heart is beating out of my chest,”He was a former construction worker before his big break. Idol. “This is crazy.”

Perry spoke during Season 5. Entertainment Tonight She felt that the judging panel was finding its groove. “I feel like, every season, artists see us and they are trusting us more and more,”Perry said that he enjoyed connecting with Season 5’s artists. “The real world out there is not easy, and you can’t be too soft.”

 She continued of her own personal judging style, “I like to be firm and fair and fun and hopeful and supporting, but don’t lie to them. Because they need the help. I keep people around who say no to me all the time or debate me all the time, and that’s a real big key to success.”Perry is known for his firmness, which has led to many other accomplishments. “public spats”Bryan and Richie are more connected than ever.

Perry acknowledged that she had a few contestants during the fifth season. “didn’t really agree with them”None at all “Those boys, like, it’s true, they may have been a little bullied by my direct, black-and-white yes or no [choices] these past seasons,”She spoke out, reflecting on the heated disagreements they had with the judges over the years. “So they’re like, ‘Were not gonna take it anymore!'”American Idol returns in spring 2023 for a new season. 


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