American citizens are confused by the ‘tiny doors’ that open onto dangerous streets.

In a TikTok viralUnconcerned American asked the internet for reasons why many British houses have tiny doorways and no front yard.

@swfindsThe caption was added to the video. “can someone please tell me why almost all British homes have tiny front doors that open onto a dangerous side?”

The video features several houses with almost identical doors that open directly onto cobblestone streets.

This home style is extremely popular in the UK. Many townhomes or terraced houses, as they are known, were constructed in the 19th century.

It was easier to make sure such homes had enough structural integrity, in part, by having smaller-than-expected doors.

Why are they allowed to open onto the sidewalk (or pavement, as Americans refer to it)? These terraced homes were very humble when they were built and had smaller plots than their modern counterparts. The terraced houses were not without outside space – there was often a yard at the rear.

UK users quickly filled the comments to inform the American confused about the homes, while also retorting with some good-natured mockery.

UK TikTokers explained why British housing looks so different to an American visitor TikTok

One person, @sjtrainsyt_alex22195, said not to worry – pointing out that the doors open inward, so no pedestrians are going to be toppled over by a sudden door opening.

Others joked that the UK’s homes were safer than many things Americans consider safe, such as schools.

Swfinds posted the video and many others. UK citizens are often asked questions by the account, such as why yellow bins are on the sides of the road. Or, why do eggs are kept in the refrigerator instead of in the aisles?

Some users believe the account is satire as a result of the “obvious”Questions the user may ask.

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