Amber Johnston Honors Anna’s Milestone

7 Little Johnstons Amber Johnston, a star in the photography industry, is documenting an important milestone for Anna. She shared some photos of Anna and a caption about the special day. So, what’s going on in Anna’s life these days, and what is her family celebrating with her?

In the busy Johnston family, there’s always something happening. Joose, the exchange student they had, left them recently. Trent and Amber also celebrated a significant milestone in their marriage. You can also count on many birthdays and other significant events.

Amber Johnston celebrates big day with Anna.

In a new InstagramAmber proudly announced, post-Sunday, that Anna, her child, had achieved a milestone. A couple of photos were shared by Amber, the mother of five. One of them included Anna with an ice cream treat. Anna poses with a huge array of sweet toppings: ice cream, cake donuts, candy, ice cream cones, and ice cream cones.

Amber Johnston writes sweetly “Happy •22• to our oldest girl Anna Johnston! We love you and hope your day is fabulous🥳”

Amber Johnston Instagram (Anna Johnston)

Anna is smiling and holding sparklers in another snap. It’s unclear if this snap was taken on her birthday as the family celebrated, or if Amber simply chose to share it on this day because it’s a great picture of her daughter.


Amber finally shared a throwback picture of her daughter. Anna is only a toddler in this last snapshot. The green marker is covering her neck and face. As her mom snaps a picture, the little girl is looking serious as she tries to keep her eyes on the camera.

Amber Johnston Instagram (Anna Johnston)

7 Little Johnstons Anna is loved by many people.

Of course, fans are just loving Amber Johnston’s post about Anna’s special day. Many fans responded to her post by sending her lots of love. Many of her fans simply leave comments. “Happy birthday,”Others have much more to say.

One fan says, “Happy Birthday Anna!!! I might say you are my fave. Have a nice day, girl! 🥳🥳🥳”

Another one of Amber’s followers sweetly writes, “Happy happy birthday Anna!! You are a great person and wish you all the best.🎂🎂🎂🎈🎈🎈🎈”

What do you think this Anna Johnston birthday tribute is? Can you believe that she’s 22 years old? Let us know your thoughts below in the comments. Keep checking back. Television Shows AceFor more information about Amber Johnston or the rest of her family, click here.

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