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Daredevil This is the best Marvel Cinematic Universe show ever. You can find all the Disney+ hits, including WandaVision Loki, DaredevilThe show continues to be popular with its hardcore fan base and three great seasons. Many were devastated when the third season of the series ended in 2018. As Disney launched its own streaming service, the entire Netflix MCU was stopped abruptly. It’s been quiet for some time. But DaredevilFinally, it is back. The official announcement was made at San Diego Comic-Con. But will it be the same Matt Murdock we love from Netflix’s show, Matt Murdock? Here’s everything we know about Daredevil: Born Again.

Daredevil: Born Again

charlie cox daredevil
Charlie Cox plays Daredevil in the original Netflix series.

There’s been hype for the return of DaredevilSince the release Spider-Man, There’s No Way HomeBack in December. Charlie Cox is back as the iconic character he played in December for a brief appearance that set the internet ablaze. Now we know that he’s getting a new season and an appearance in the upcoming She-Hulk series.

His new season will be his longest. DaredevilYet at 18 episodes long. But is this the same? DaredevilNetflix version? This new season was called by Kevin Feige. Born againNot Season 4. This could be semantics, or it could indicate that Matt Murdock is not the same Matt Murdock. Many believe that the multiverse will allow us to have different versions of each. Daredevil Kingpin. Versions that are lighter and more family-friendly. Fans of Netflix’s show will be devastated by this news, as they love its brutality. We have seen a modified version of KingpinIn the recent Hawkeye Disney+ series, so it’s certainly possible.

Disney+ to Get More Defenders

Fans have been asking whether the other Defenders will be returning soon after the return of one Defender. It seems only natural that we’d get Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist?, The PunisherComing back also. Each of these characters had their own series with huge followings. Iron FistThis was a bit of a disaster. It only makes sense for every character to make a return, but there’s no confirmation of anything right now. Many people believe that. The Punisher is simply too violent and bloody to come into Disney’s MCU. But we all know that DeadpoolComing soon, another character who is not afraid to gore. Anything can happen. One or more of these characters may make an appearance in our lives. Born again.

Daredevil: Born AgainDisney+ will be launching in 2024 with the Disney+ Movies & TV Show. Charlie Cox will make his first return to Disney+ as the blind crimefighter during the upcoming She-HulkSeries premiering August 18.


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