All Things Tick, tick…Boom! It Doesn’t Tell The True Story

True, even the initial runs of the original were not successful. “Tick, Tick… Boom!,”Larson didn’t achieve the great success he had hoped for until then. “Rent”it was. If you watch the movie, however, you may think that there are two projects. “Superbia,”These were the only projects Larson worked on. Larson worked on several other musicals that were never produced.

Larson wrote the musical while he was a student at Adelphi University. He collaborated with David Glenn Armstrong back then. “Sacrimmoralinority” (later renamed “Saved! – An Immoral Musical on the Moral Majority”Larson was awarded an ASCAP award for his first play, “The University of Chicago,” which was later staged at the university. He collaborated with four other playwrights to create the musical. “Sacred Cows: A New Beginning,”A musical that mocks many Bible stories. PlaybillIt was revealed that it is just like “Superbia,”People weren’t ready to accept something so radical as “Sacred Cows.”

There’s also “J.P. Morgan Saves the Nation,”Larson and Jeffrey M. Jones collaborated to create a musical about the life of the same-named banker. Although the musical was staged and released, it did not reach the masses as well as many other Larson unproduced works.

The “Tick, Tick… Boom!”The movie shows a lot about Larson’s life but it would have been more beneficial to highlight his lesser-known works.


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