‘All Body Parts’ 100 Mph Car Crash Victim, Needs Extensive Face Repair

The newest episode of TLC’s Body Parts This case features a victim of a car crash that occurred at 100 miles per hour. With the help of Allison Vest, an anaplastologist, and extensive facial repairs, he hopes to improve his appearance.

About TLC’s All Body Parts 

TLC just debuted a brand new show called “The New Show.” All Body Parts Allison Vest is an anaplastologist. Anaplastologists specialize in prosthetic rehabilitation. Allison applies her skills and knowledge to fix or replace damaged or missing body parts after accidents and injuries.

The end goal is to transform patients’ lives in multiple ways. The prosthetics can help patients improve their physical abilities and give them a psychological boost. Each episode features a different, real-life case.

Daniel’s Tragic Car Crash & Fresh Start

The Wednesday, April 13th episode of The Body Parts Daniel visits Allison after a devastating accident to gain a new perspective and a fresh start. He is the victim in a car accident that causes him to travel at 100 miles per hour.

Allison is informed by him. “So I flipped a car at 100 miles an hour with no seatbelt on. With an open sunroof.”His facial injuries were severed after this traumatizing event. Daniel has a silver-colored eye but wants to make changes.

She explains that she’s worked with car accident victims in the past. She adds that she is a certified psychotherapist. “They’ve never been as extreme as Daniel’s case.”

Because he’s content with his silver eye, Allison is ready to make another small transformation in his life. Daniel makes her smile and shows her many facial expressions.

Daniel hopes to have an eyebrow prosthesis. Allison hopes that this will. “have a very big impact,”regardless of how big or small.

Allison explains, “Eyebrows are a very integral part of someone’s face. They are very essential to facial symmetry and facial recognition.”

The eyebrow prosthesis is made by using the following: All Body Parts anaplastologist will need to take some of the hair from Daniel’s head.

This is a glimpse at his story. Trailer. TLC will broadcast the remainder of the transformation live on Wednesday, April 13th.

Check out the All Body Parts series trailer below.

So, have you been enjoying TLC’s new show, All Body Parts? What do YOU think of this new case design? Please leave your comments below. You can find more information about your favorite TLC stars and shows by visiting www.tlc.com. Television Shows Ace. Don’t miss new episodes on Wednesdays at 10/9c.

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