All about the ‘Friends’ Star Courteney Cox’s Daughter

Coco Arquette is “Friends” actress Courteney Cox’s daughter — so, surrounded by celebrities and fame since she was born, this young lady has led an exciting life.

Courteney Cox’s daughter Coco Arquette just turned 18 years old. The teen’s mom spared no affection for her daughter on her birthday, showering Coco with motherly love on Instagram.

The post included many photos of her daughter.Source: Getty Images. Coco was also photographed in the Instagram photo. One of these photos was of Coco when she was a little girl wearing a pink tutu. 

Courtney Cox and Coco Arquette at “An Evening with Dermot O’Leary Presents…Ed Sheeran at the London Irish Centre” on June 19, 2018 in London. | Source: Getty Images

The Instagram post also included a selfie of the “Friends” alum with Coco. In the caption, the mom wished her daughter a Happy Birthday and wrote

“I’m so proud to be your mom. You are courageous, smart, deep, funny, unique, and beautiful with the biggest heart. I can’t wait to see what’s next. I love you x.”

Coco is no stranger to her mom’s habit of expressing her love online. When the teenager turned 17 years old, Courteney shared an Instagram post full of photos of the young girl.  


Now grown-up, Coco was a miracle baby, born to Courteney and David Arquette, who met one another while co-starring in the “Scream” movies.” 

Before giving birth to Coco, Courteney had suffered several miscarriages. But, just over a month after the iconic series “Friends” ended, the little girl was born in June 2004.

Now, she could be a future star like her mother and father; she reportedly chose to pursue acting and has a great singing voice.

Growing up, she was surrounded by fame, from Kate Hudson wishing her on her mother’s recent Instagram post to Ed Sheeran coming over to the house. Her mom, speaking about her daughter’s laid-back attitude towards celebrities, expressed

“I can not impress that girl. I can’t.

Besides this, she is a regular young lady whose mom revealed at the beginning of this year that she was going to college. Courteney said about the move, “We are so close, but she just can’t wait to go away and live on her own. It’s sad.”


For any parents, co-parenting can be difficult, and when it comes to Courteney and her ex-husband David, they are likely no different.

But, an insider claimed that through the process, David: “[Sustains] dignity, honor, and respect toward.” His ex-wife. 

Talking about Coco’s decision to pursue acting, the dad said he pushes her not to take rejection personally and believe in herself.

While he does his best to be a great parent, he holds guilt over his divorce from Courteney. When asked who he would apologize to, if anyone, he said his daughter because a kid’s parents separating is difficult for them

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