Alex’s Baby Mama Drama Drives ‘Unexpected’ Fans Crazy

UnexpectedFans have been watching as Tyra Boisseau attempted to make things work for Alex Wilson. Despite her infidelity, she welcomed him back to the home they share. The former teen mother doesn’t hide the fact that things are not always perfect in paradise.

AnUnexpected Fantasy Gone Wrong

Although it was difficult to get pregnant as a teenager, Tyra made the right decision. Her younger sister Tiarra was her best friend, as was Taylor, her cousin. They were both just becoming teen moms, as viewers saw when the three of them joined Season 3. The three girls grew up together and loved the idea that their kids would be the same. Alex, Tyra’s boyfriend, was determined to make it work. She also wanted to continue her education. Alex was left with the majority of the responsibility for Layla, so she went to college. During this time, Alex was criticized by many.

Tyra seemed disengaged from him when she returned home after Tyra’s return. Then, the tables turned and he began to cheat on Tyra. She advised her followers and fans not to think about it as she was moving forward. Tyra said that she was happy and that her life was great. He was back with Tyra by Season 5 but had gotten pregnant with a girl he’d been with. He said he believed he wanted to be with her, but it turned out to be false. Tyra said he was back in his bed, but that was all she could say. His new mama posted pictures of Tyra holding their newborn baby yesterdayInstagram story. Tyra quickly made her way to the airport. TikTokto speak her mind, and the truth.

Tyra Goes Off, Fans Unload

After Alex’s baby mama, Hanna shared pics of him with their baby, Tyra went off on TikTok live. Hanna had filed for child support, and he went to see the baby. She also said that Hanna was originally a fan and had contacted her, but then she went for Alex. She said that Alex and her are now over, and she is officially single. Tyra begged her fans to save him. RedditAfter this happened, they went insane. After all of this, they couldn’t believe that he was back with Hanna.


  • “Lol who knows if that’s true, or if Alex was just telling her anything. He plays both sides. Also, he has been cheating on tyra for years. Just because he tells her what she wants to hear doesnt mean anything. He said on national tv he couldnt see himself having a future with tyra as well.”
  • “You know what bothers me most about this guy? He’s always on his phone. It’s like him procreating isn’t anything to him but some background noise and he never lifts his head long enough to say or do anything meaningful”
  • “Tyra can do so much better than this.”

It will be interesting watching how Alex/Tyra drama unfolds for the remainder of the season. It will be discussed at the tell-all if it isn’t shown in the episodes. At the moment, Tyra seems to be content doing her own thing.

Are you convinced that Alex and she are truly over? Comment below and let us know your thoughts. UnexpectedSundays on TLC

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