Alesha Dixon portrait by food artist using chocolate digestives and Hobnobs

A so-called food artist has created a portrait of Britain’s Got Talent judge Alesha Dixon entirely out of biscuits.

Nathan Wyburn, from Cardiff, took more than three days to complete the artwork using 644 McVitie’s biscuits, including chocolate digestives, Hobnobs and Rich Teas.

Nathan Wyburn used 644 cookies to complete his portrait (Tim Gander/PinPep/PA).

He said: “The best part of making art like this is getting to work with your favourite snacks and treats… and who doesn’t love a biscuit?”

The 32-year old is well-known for creating portraits of famous people with unusual materials. These include Dominic Cummins made of cumin, Piers Morison from Marmite on Toast, and Little Mix star Perrie Eds using peri-peri sauce.

His tribute to former Mis-Teeq star Dixon was commissioned by McVitie’s as part of the company’s Golden Moments campaign, which includes sponsorship of Britain’s Got Talent.

The artist was once a contestant on the show’s popular talent in 2011. He reached the semi-final due to his toast-based portrait that Michael McIntyre gave him.

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He said: “I loved being on the show all those years ago, so I jumped at the chance to work on creating this bespoke artwork of the beautiful Alesha Dixon.”

This mosaic technique used a mixture of whole and broken biscuits to create the artwork.

Dixon stated: “It was very surreal to see myself created entirely out of McVitie’s biscuits… I wonder if it’s still edible?”


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