Alec Baldwin Does Not Have to Worry About The Legal Problem

Alec Baldwin had another lawsuit against himself that was settled. This was a lawsuit that stemmed from an alleged incident in 2018. Wojciech Ceiszkowski, the plaintiff claimed that Baldwin and he were involved in a physical altercation after heated exchanges over a New York City spot. According to Ciezkowski’s lawsuit, the star was sued for assault and slander. Daily MailHe claimed that the actor punched him in his face during the incident.

Baldwin sued the man for defamation, and denied the punch claims. January brought us the good news that this lawsuit is over. “The Hunt for Red October”There is no star to worry about because the two settled the case without going to court and the terms were not made available.

Their attorneys issued a joint statement regarding settlement which stated: “Alec Baldwin and Wojciech Cieszkowski have agreed to resolve all litigation concerning the incident that occurred between them on November 2, 2018. The terms of the resolution are private and confidential. Neither party will have any further comment.”

Baldwin Deny punching the manIn 2018, we agreed to return. Take part in an anger management class(which was a one day class) While in court in 2019 over the incident.

What about all the legal dramas that still surround Baldwin? We’ll have the opportunity to see what happens.


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