Al Roker pays tribute to his late father with throwback photos on Father’s Day

Today Show meteorologist Al Roker marked Father’s Day by sharing a collection of old family photos on Sunday. Al Roker Sr. was an old New York City bus driver. “greatest advocate,”Roker, 67 recently stated. Roker is the father of three children, Courtney, Leila and Nicholas.

“I miss him every day, but especially today. [Happy Father’s Day], Al Roker, Sr.,”Roker wrote. Roker also included photos of himself and his father with their families. Similar to previous Father’s Day messages, it was similar. Today co-host. “Missing Albert Lincoln Roker, Sr. I’m coming up on 66 and at the same age, he only had 2 more Father’s Days left. I just want more Father’s Days,” He wrote it in 2020.

Roker, on Father’s Day 2013, recalled his father’s story “took a lot of pride”As a bus driver. Roker shared his story Today He loved to ride the bus with his father in the mornings. “I wouldn’t trade that time for all the tea in China. It was just me and him, even though there was a bus full of people. I was watching him driving the bus,”Roker stated.

Roker and his Today Craig Melvin and Carson Daly were colleagues who traveled to Coney Island on Friday for a special Father’s Day segment. Interview with PEOPLERoker stated that they were preparing for the segment before it aired. “fortunate enough”Spend time with their fathers to learn about how they became fathers.

“I know for myself, I tend to put my dad a bit on a pedestal,”Roker said PEOPLE. “He had his faults and all of his issues, but one of the things I always remember, and I try to do, is that he really was my greatest advocate. And I try to be that for my kids.”

During the segmentRoker recalls one of the most difficult challenges he faced in his role as father. He had to inform his children that he was being diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2020. “It was the first time I saw fear in my children’s eyes,”He stated. “I mean, they started crying.”

Roker wanted to shield his children from the pain but realized that it was impossible. “At the end of the day, that’s all you wanna do is protect them and shield them from hurt and/or harm,”Roker spoke on Today. “And at that moment, I realized you can’t always do that… You can do the best you can.”


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