AJ Bunker reveals juicy production secrets

Love IslandAJ Bunker shared some juicy production secrets. She shared the secrets of why contestants wear sunglasses while in bed, and why they are never filmed eating. The UK version of the show is slightly different to the U.S. edition. The American series has contestants wearing sleep masks to bed and eating on camera.

But, that’s not the case with the racy series that takes place across the pond. With 3.3 million viewers, the UK series set new records. Millions of people follow the contestants on social media. AJ will be sharing the secrets of the show with you and what goes on behind closed doors.

[Credit: YouTube]

Love IslanderAJ Bunker shares some of her secrets

AJ Bunker sat down to have an exclusive interview The Sun. She was seen in Season 7 of Love Island. The model revealed why the contestants wear sunglasses upon waking up in the morning and why they don’t wear watches. Bunker also revealed that the dating show was scripted.

The Love IslandProducers reached out to AJ via Facebook. They reached out to her first time five years ago. However, she declined as she was still in a relationship. They reached out to each other again last year. They wanted to know if she would be comfortable hooking up on TV with men.

AJ Bunker Spills Love Island Secrets [Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]

AJ wasn’t comfortable with the idea since she “grew-up Catholic.” She says she’s “an open book” who’s not shy when it comes to revealing “all cheating exes”From her “horrific past.”AJ was quizzed about her relationship history by the TV producers during the recording.

“They asked me how I would catch a guy’s attention — I said I would approach him because in my eyes you’ve got to risk it for a chocolate biscuit,”The Love Island alum told The Sun. “I think they chose me as a bombshell because I don’t mind chatting up a guy even if he was attached. They based it on my personality.”

Is it? Love Island scripted?

AJ confirms that the program is “not 100% scripted but producers nudge you.” That’s to get more drama happening in the villa. Fans speculated in the past about whether Love IslandReal or fake, but staged to create drama. The contestants must give up their watches and phones as soon as they are flown to Majorca.

Also, there are no clocks inside the room. They filmed the entire thing. “really late at night” since it doesn’t get dark in Spain “until late in the evening.”AJ was also questioned why Love IslandersSunglasses are a must when you wake up in the morning. It’s not because they’re hiding their dark under-eye circles.

It’s because they are “woken by a massive, bright light.”The show’s viewers are also advised to not eat on set so they don’t have to hear them chew. While they’re “not allowed candy or bad fast food,” they’ll get treats if they’re good. They’ll get treats if they’re good. Love Islanders also can’t speak to each other unless they’re filming them.

Love Islander AJ Bunker [Credit: Instagram]
[Credit: Instagram]

“But you’re not allowed to chat about anything to do with the villa because they want to save all that for the cameras,”AJ.

Love IslandIt is more difficult than it seems. There are many rules and regulations that must be followed on the show. It’s not a six-week vacation filled with beautiful people. What are your thoughts on AJ Bunker’s secrets? Are you amazed? Leave a comment below.

Love Island UKAirs Monday, June 6th In the meantime, catch the new season Love Island’sPeacock is now the US version.

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