Airlines cancel dozens more flights as desperate passengers arrive 12 hours early at airports amid chaos travel.

A desperate holidaymaker arrived at airport 12 hours earlier to avoid long lines at security and check in.

The passenger did not want to be caught as thousands of families were flying over Easter break. There was a huge wait because of staff shortages.


Manchester Airport: Long linesCredit: Zenpix
A busy Heathrow Airport as travellers head off for Easter breaks


Heathrow Airport bustling as travelers head out for Easter holidaysCredit: w8media

And crossing the channel via ferry is no better – with P&O suspending all services to Calais until Good Friday.

Dover port is battling to get through the Easter holiday rush after P&O sacked 800 of it’s workers – and has had to contend with bad weather.

Unnamed man was traveling from Coventry, Zimbabwe to Manchester Airport. He arrived at Manchester Airport half an hour early.

He said MEN: “I’m thinking if I come here nice and early I won’t have to deal with all that madness over there.”

Since Easter breakup, queueing chaos has plagued all three terminals.

Travellers complained about long lines at check in and delays through security. Covid has left airports with a shortage of staff.

On Friday, chaos escalated to the point that children were forced into plastic bags and left for five hours.

Some people are able to pass through UK airports with no problems, while others face the exact opposite.

Tamlyn Worrall shared a video showing holidaymakers crammed in at Heathrow like sardines. “Total carnage.”

Numerous airlines have had to cancel large numbers of flights because of these problems.

British Airways has cancelled 84 flights today and easyJet has grounded at most 38 from London Gatwick. Both airlines cited staff shortages due to sickness.

This could impact up to 20,000 passengers who fly domestically and internationally.

As security staff continued to be short, passengers had to wait in line outside Dublin Airport’s terminal until 4am.

There were “massive, massive, massive”Leeds Bradford Security – Queues “from one end of the airport to the other”.

Paul Haigh, the headteacher of the school, described his experience at Manchester Airport in these words: “dire both ways”.

The stress has been exacerbated by cancellations of trains in Gatwick, closures on M4 around Berkshire, as well as delays on M4 between London and Greater London.

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Mark Gower tweeted: “One the busiest periods of the year for
Heathrow Airport, Highways Agency and Heathrow Airport decide to close the M4 in the M25-J3 area.

“Incompetence beyond belief by whoever plans these works.”

A view of lorries queued in Operation Brock on the M20 near Ashford in Kent


A view of the lorries queuing up in Operation Brock, near Ashford, KentCredit: PA
Passengers face lengthy delays at airports across the UK


At UK airports, passengers face long delaysCredit: Splash


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