After winning Blac Chyna’s case, Kris Jenner had a blunt thought

The KarJenners were big at the Met Gala. The family all set Twitter on fire with their Met Gala outfits (whether for better or worse). Kim Kardashian was the winner of the night, as she showed up in the Met Gala outfit ExactMarilyn Monroe wore the same dress as Marilyn Monroe. John F. Kennedy’s then-President. It was more than a fashion show, though, as the family celebrated Blac Chyna’s legal victory. Kris Jenner responded to questions regarding the trial. ETThat she was “just glad it’s over.”The momager turned the spotlight on her daughters and told reporters she was “very excited to see them walk up the stairs.”

Kris was not willing to dwell on the past. During the court hearing, she stated that she was not bitter towards Chyna. “if [she] made Rob happy, then I was happy,”According to Rolling Stone. “I really wanted Chyna to grow and be the best version of herself,”Kris added. 

However, the mature outlook wasn’t shared by Chyna’s mother, Tokyo Toni, who enraged fans with her behavior following the verdict. Toni launched a website on May 2. GoFundMe campaign with the goal of raising $400,000 to help pay for Chyna’s legal fees. Judging from the harsh comments left by fans, it is clear that they are not happy with their decision. Social mediaIt seems that no one else takes it seriously, especially when the GoFundMe only has raised $460 at the time of writing.


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