After the LAPD opened fire on Sun Valley, a person evades police and leads to a standoff

Police say they are searching for the person who barricaded themselves in Sun Valley’s home on Thursday night, after at least one Los Angeles Police Officer shot at him.

Officers were close to 7800 Radford Ave. “they saw a known gang member exit a vehicle with what they believed to be a firearm,”Police Tweeted by.

At least one officer was shot and it is not clear if the other person was also injured.

Negotiators and a SWAT Team worked together to secure the agreement. “a peaceful surrender,”Discussions stalled and officers entered the house. “the suspect was gone,”According to police

“Investigators are currently in the process of gathering all evidence, reviewing video. Invest. continues,”Additional police officers.

The “occupants of the home were evacuated and unharmed,”According to police


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