After the death of her father, an officer takes his grieving daughter to a Father-Daughter dance

A small girl loved her dad and wanted to attend school dances with him. She was devastated when tragedy struck. She was able to trust that someone else would be there for her. 

It is not easy to lose a parent. Children can’t share a lifetime with their loved ones if they are gone. Sadly, eight-year-old Avey Cox lost her father in 2020, and she missed him dearly.

The pair were very close, and Cox was devastated because there were still so many things she longed to do with him. The little girl felt even sadder when her school held its daddy-daughter dance.   

Avey cox, her father’s daughter, is taken to school by the officer. | Source:


Cox dreamt about the dance for many years, and she always imagined herself beside her father. After her father’s death, she thought she wouldn’t be able attend the event.Then, someone decided to help.  

The Central Elementary School resource officer, Corporal Nicol “Nick”Harvey, who saw that the event was coming up again, wished he had been able to attend. He was the father of three grown-up children and fondly recalled their dances.  

Corporal Harvey and Avey Cox dance together. | Source: 17

Harvey never dreamed he’d get to dance again. Thankfully, the stars aligned, and police chief, Jamie Hammond, contacted Harvey about the dance. 

He suggested that officers be assigned to children who have lost their fathers. Harvey learned about Cox, and that she had just lost her father. Father, Corey. 

Corporal Harvey and Avey Cox on their way to the school dance. | Source: 17


Cox’s mom, Angelia Bernard, “She wanted to go to the dance but didn’t have anyone to take her.” Harvey quickly stepped in and offered to attend the event with her, and Cox was thrilled by the news.  

“I bought a new tie and handkerchief to match Avey’s dress, and I ordered a corsage. Every time I saw her at school, she’d remind me of how many days it was until the dance.”


Harvey and a few others dadsAlso arranged a Hummer limousine and pizza for the kids—it made the evening even more memorable! Cox had a ball dancing with Harvey, and they even stopped for ice cream afterward.   

If another child asks CoxHarvey was Harvey’s father? She denied it. He looked at her, however. : “Well, tonight I’m her dad.”

Officers and dads organized a limousine for the girls. | Source: 17

It was the most memorable night of my life. 

They became best friends and Cox’s mom stated that she was able to smile forever after the event. Cox received the joy and support she needed through the loss and pain of her family.

Harvey agreed, telling her mom that it was one of the best nights ever.He : “I know she’s not my kid, but for a couple of hours, it felt like she really was. I even get to twirl her.”  


Losing a parent can be more difficult during important milestones like dances or memorable events. Jeni Stepien lost the father she loved in 2006. A decade later, Jeni needed someone to help her walk down the aisle.

Her father had a heart transplant and the man who took her place was her father’s recipient. In 2016, Arthur Thomas stood by Stepien on her big day, and he was honored to be there because her dad’s organ saved his life.

While they could never replace their parents, Thomas and Harvey’s actions were noble and meant a lot to the girls. 


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