After refusing to go along with his girlfriend to the economy, man divides his opinions

A MAN DISPLACED Opinions After he claimed he doesn’t want to spend time in the economy with girlfriend – and he wants premium economy.

He explained that he had been travelling with his girlfriend for six months and were going to his cousin’s wedding.


After he stated that he did not want to be in the economy with his girlfriend, a man split his opinionCredit to Alamy

But he claimed he was still a “larger man”unable to fit in small plane seats. This is where the problem began.

Reddit asked him: “I would like premium economy to have a bit more room.

“My girlfriend wants to fly coach, and she is trying to save some money as she searches for an apartment.

“I am able to understand her perspective. I suggested that we fly together, but we would not be seated together. She claims that this is absurd.

” I get that she needs to save, but I also don’t think I’m being a jerk for wanting to sit in a seat that makes me comfortable.”

He said that although they earned the same amount, she was living rent-free with him while she house-hunted.

He also stated that it would have cost him about $400 to upgrade her. But he didn’t think so. “healthy”He was asked to pay for everything in a relationship and if he was wrong for wanting to sit apart.

One person said that he was wrong. “It’s YOUR cousin’s wedding, it’s YOUR comfort. You make a decent amount of money, pay the difference for her to fly with you.”

Another person asked: “Have your considered buying a row of three chairs for you two?”

“You could still sit together but she could have the aisle while you have middle and window or whatever and i assume the price would be comparable to 1 premium economy and 1 coach.”

But most people believed he wasn’t to blame.

One person wrote: “You don’t have to sit next to each other on flights. I don’t understand the argument that couples have to sit together on flights.”

Another one: “This seems like a very reasonable suggestion? Your girlfriend can’t be a few metres away from you for the duration of a cross-country flight?”

Another said: “She shouldn’t want you in pain just to sit with her and save some money. This is selfishness of the highest order.”

This is not the first time that couples disagree about sitting together on a plane.

After making a slur about her boyfriend’s upgrade to first class, a woman went viral.

Another woman was shocked when she upgraded her boyfriend’s flight ticket only for him not to like it.

One man even got dumped after his mom paid for all his first-class flights, except his girlfriends.

Most people were on his side, however


However, most people were on his side.Credit: Getty


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