After man is caught in NoHo making racist slurs and attacking mother, father, and child, family demands justice

A man attacked an Asian American family last month and used racist slurs against them.

He was cited and released but did not appear for his Van Nuys court appearance Friday.

The incident unfolded when the Roque family was in a McDonald’s drive-thru in North Hollywood in May.

According to reports, the driver in front of them bumped their car and then pulled up beside them.

They recorded him using racial slurs and mocking them.

The man is heard saying it in video shared with KTLA “You’re so Asian”With an exaggerated accent

Eventually, Gabriel Roque stepped in when the stranger tried to open the front door of the family’s car.

Things escalated into a physical altercation between the two men, and the victim’s wife, Nerissa Roque, was also attacked.

She said that the man had choked her, and she fell to the floor.

“I thought, ‘I’m gonna die,’” Nerissa Roque said.

Their daughter stated that the violent encounter left her traumatized.

“I see every man on the street, I still think it’s him,” Patricia Roque told KTLA. “I may not have been physically assaulted, but the mental and emotional trauma that he has brought to me might as well have been physical.”

Witnesses offered their assistance, giving the Roque clan a chance to escape.

The man, identified as Nicholas Weber, was eventually cited with the promise to appear in court at a later date, the family’s attorney, Sandy Roxas, said.

Friday was a day when the Roque family stood with members of the community outside Van Nuys’ courthouse demanding an investigation into the incident. They are left wondering why Weber wasn’t arrested the night of the altercation.

“He should be apprehended, this is unacceptable,” Patricia Roque said. “He is still roaming the streets.”

According to court records, Weber was charged with battery before he didn’t appear in court.

His arrest warrant was issued and his bail has been set at $250,000.

Weber has a prior arrest for burglary in Alameda County, according to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.


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