After kicking the sand at an ‘old man’ sitting too close to the beach, a woman splits her opinion

A WOMAN filmed herself kicking sand at an old man’ on an empty beach. However, people are still divided by her actions.

Tiktok User @korynnecShared a video of her sunbathing and lying on the shore.


@korynnec, a Tiktok user, shared a video in which she sunbathes on the beach.

She panted the camera around to see the entire beach empty except for one man, who was about 10 feet in front of her. This left her feeling uncomfortable.

She said that the man came and sat there while she was sleeping.

She wrote this on the video “When an old man parks himself 10-ft in front of your towel on a completely empty beach while you were napping and you know what needs to be done.”

After dropping her phone on the sand she ran past the man, kicked sand at the him, which she made seem like an accident, before continuing to run into and into the ocean.

She clearly had a plan and filmed him walking off with all his stuff.

This video was viewed over 4.3 million times, and has received over 4,600 comments.

Viewers were divided with some believing that the girl was completely entitled to kick the man, as he was making the girl uncomfortable by sitting so close.

One person wrote: “He chose right by her out of a whole beach. Any cautious person wouldn’t like it.”

Another option: “All the people who think he did nothing wrong have never been made to feel uncomfortable or unsafe by someone’s presence.”

Someone else put: “How is anyone defending the man when you can clearly SEE him creeping on her from his towel?”

The fourth person wrote: “He’s obviously older than she is, not giving her space on an empty beach. She has a right to be uncomfortable.”

Others thought it was wrong for her not to kick the man and that she was making too much of nothing.

One person said: “Looks more like you’re harassing him”And another writer wrote: “She doesn’t own the beach, he can pick whatever spot he likes and if she’s that uncomfortable then she should stay home”.

Someone else added: “That was wrong. Just be graceful and leave”, and an additional fourth was added: “He has done nothing wrong. Public beach. If you don’t like it, you move”.

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She decided to run past him and kick sand at him, which she made look like an accident


She chose to run past him and kick the sand at them, which she made seem like an accident.


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