After His Little Brother’s Death, Boy Starts Disappearing After School until Mom Follows Him — Story if the Day

A young boy was devastated by the death of his brother. This forced him to mature earlier than he wanted. His brother died, and he began to return home at odd times. His mother decided to go with him to find out the truth. 

After learning the death of his little brother Joe, Martin grew up too quickly. It happened two years ago, when Martin was five years old. 

Joe, his brother, had been sick for the majority of his short time and did not return to home from the hospital. Anna, his mom, explained to Martin how Joe had become an angel, and was taking care their family from heaven. 

Martin’s father left them soon after Joe was diagnosed. Their family consisted now of Anna and Martin. Anna was a tireless worker to care for her children, and she raised them as a single mother. 

Martin grieved the loss his brother. Source: Pexels | Source: Pexels

Martin listened to stories about heaven since he was a child. Martin knew heaven was far away and that his brother had flown there with his angel wings. However, someone had to care for their mother who was still grieving. 

Martin did his best to help his mom after Joe died. He was five years old when he cleaned dishes, dumped the trash and swept the floor before setting the table. 

After helping with the chores around the house, he would go to his room and start to cry. Everything in his room reminded Martin of his little brother, as they used to share it. Martin was unable to cope with the loss because of Joe’s toys, books, and other items in his room. 

Martin was now seven years old after two years. He used to take the school bus and walk home from the closest stop. However, he didn’t arrive at the time he was supposed to. 

Martin used to take the school bus home but would often return home late, which annoyed his mother. Source: Pexels | Source: Pexels

Martin would normally be at Anna’s cooking table when he arrived from school. Martin wasn’t there to help, so the table was set. 

“Where have you been?!”Anna made fun of him for arriving an hour and a quarter later than he normally did. “I was very worried! What took you so long?”She yelled. 

“Don’t worry, mom,” Martin replied passively. “I was just reading in the library and lost track of time.” 

Anna was suspicious because Martin wasn’t really a fan of reading books. Martin thought she wouldn’t check to see if he was telling the truth, but she did. 

Martin called her school library to inquire if he was there yesterday. “No, ma’am. Martin Keener didn’t come in yesterday,”The librarian said it to her. 

Anna decided to call Martin’s school library to see if he was lying. Source: Pexels | Source: Pexels

Anna wanted to discipline Martin when he returned from school but he was always late. He was late, and she became furious. “What’s your excuse this time? Where have you been?”She asked. 

“I was at my friend’s house doing a school project. Carl Dickinson’s house,”He replied. 

Anna called Carl’s mom that night. They had previously met at a parent teacher conference. She wanted to know if Martin was lying again to her.

“No, Anna, Carl’s been sick for a week and hasn’t been to school. I haven’t seen Martin in a while,”Carl’s mom was kind enough to answer. 

Martin’s mother was puzzled by his lies to her. Martin was at school the next morning, so Martin’s mom decided to go home early. 

Anna quit work early so that she could go see Martin after school. Source: Pexels | Source: Pexels

Martin walked away from the school but Anna saw him walk. Anna followed him from a safe distance, curious where he was going. 

Martin walked for a few blocks before reaching the town’s outskirts. Anna was stunned by what she saw. “What is my son doing in these dark and dirty streets?” She thought. 

Martin casually walked to an abandoned house and entered it. Anna was pale and ran to her son within a matter of seconds. 

The abandoned house was full of empty rooms when she entered it. She was unable to see the place her son had gone at first glance but then she suddenly heard his voice. 

When she finally saw her son, her eyes were filled with tears. She thought her son was doing terrible things, but it was proved wrong. 

Anna witnessed Martin entering an abandoned home, which made her panic. Source: Pexels | Source: Pexels

Martin sat across from her, reading to her a book. “What’s going on here, Martin?”Anna spoke softly and smiled. 

Martin was surprised to see his mother and thought she would become angry again. “Mom, I can explain,”He said it to her. 

“This is Lizzy. She ran away from her foster family because they were not treating her well. She’s been staying here in this abandoned house. I met her when my class went to the nature park not too far from here,” Martin explained. 

“When I met Lizzy, I felt bad and wanted to help her. She told me she wanted to learn how to read, so I’ve been reading to her after school. That’s why I’ve been going home late sometimes. I lose track of time and go home later than I usually do. I’m sorry, mom,”Martin said it to Anna. 

 Anna shook her head. “Thank you for being honest with me, Martin. I wish you would’ve told me sooner so that we could’ve helped Lizzy together.” 

After being mistreated, Lizzy fled her foster family. Source: Pexels | Source: Pexels

Martin smiled at his mother and decided to introduce Lizzy. “Lizzy, this is my mother, Anna. She works as a doctor,”She told the girl. “Mom, Anna wants to be a doctor when she grows up, too!” 

When Lizzie heard these words, she ran up to Anna and gave a tight hug. “Joe says you are the best mom in the world!” 

Anna felt her body become stiffer as she heard her words. “Joe? Who is Joe?”She said, “Surprised.” 

“My friend, Joe!”The young girl responded. 

Anna looked at Martin and thought he was Joe. Instead, he said that Lizzy had an imaginary friend. 

“Joe, mom. Our Joe. She says she’s been talking to him, and Joe’s been telling her stories about us,” Martin explained. 

Lizzy nodded. “Joe told me that you will be my family.” 

Martin and Lizzy became friends and then became brother-sister. Source: Pexels | Source: Pexels

Anna was stunned. Anna suddenly remembered Joe, her sweet boy, and began to wonder if Lizzy was her son. 

Martin and his mother took Lizzy to the house, where Martin fed and changed her clothes. Martin and Lizzy remained friends and became siblings. 

After a lengthy process Anna was finally able to adopt Lizzy. The three of them became a happy and healthy family. They shared their memories with Joe and made new ones.

What can we take away from this story?

  • Family does not have to be about blood. It can also include love. Martin and Anna offered their hearts and homes for Lizzy, who was longing for a family she could cherish and love for the rest of life. 
  • Losses are different for everyone, so it is important to recognize that. Martin mourned the death of his little brother for many years. While his mother thought he was being disobedient, he was trying to shower another person with love and care – Lizzy. Joe was too sick to take care so he tried to help someone else. He eventually became Joe’s sister. 

This story is for your loved ones. This story might be inspiring for them, and it may make their day. 

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