After decades of hopeless searching, three siblings finally reunite with their younger sister.

Four siblings were adopted from their childhoods. Their three older siblings were adopted together. However, their youngest sister was placed in a different home and became a distant past. 

Having loving parents and a conducive family environment to grow up in is every child’s dream. Children can sometimes miss out on a happy childhood due to painful experiences like losing a parent or being left behind. 

Some kids have the luck to find loving, caring adoptive families and live a normal childhood. Although the three siblings were adopted by the same family as their parents, something was missing from their lives. 

Laurie White, Christine Gottschalk and Brian Gottschalk were close friends as children. They were fortunate enough be adopted. ShareThe same adoptive family had raised them both and they shared a happy childhood with their loving adoptive parents. 

Even better, their adopted siblings knew. They had never been in contact with their biological families, their grandparents, or other close relatives. 

Their bond was strong, however. White lived just a few blocks from Christine and Brian, but they lived together. 

Surprisingly, they didn’t look the same and shared very little in common. This was because they had the same birth mother, but different biological fathers. Brian, talking on Megyn Kelly Today revealed: 

“People would always disbelieve when I said the same thing that they were my sisters (sic).”

White also shared how people wondered if White and her siblings were related. They especially questioned if Brian was their father. White often told everyone she was Brian’s brother. 


They also knew that their half-sister Amber was among them. Their medical file contained a childhood picture with Amber, but they had never met her. She became a blurred memory over time until an unexpected event occurred.

White was always curious about her family’s history as a child. After seeing advertisements for 23andMe, White decided to take the DNA test. However, the results shocked her to their core. 

After digging deeper into her test reports, Amber Lenehan was the match she saw in her tests. She recalled that her parents had told her about a half-sister named Amber, and wondered if it was really her. 

White then reached out to Lenehan, and was shocked to discover that she was her long-lost sibling. White had not yet met her younger sister and her two other siblings in person. White speaks out about the shocking results from her tests. 



“I think I just found our half-sister that we’ve known about but never known (sic).”

Megyn Kelly was also told by the siblings that Lenehan had been offered for adoption by her adoptive parents, but she was not available at the time. 

After decades of being separated from Lenehan, all four siblings reunited at Megyn Kelly TODAY. Lenehan spoke out about her feelings on the subject, stating that she grew up with her maternal grandparents. 

They put her up to open adoption in order to stay in touch. Although she had signed up for 23andMe, she only received a match to a few distant relatives. As a teenager, she was always curious about her heritage. 

White was shocked when she contacted Lenehan. White shared with Lenehan that she was shocked to learn from her biological siblings. She revealed that she was pregnant while appearing on TODAY. 

Lenehan was happy as White, Christine, Brian and Brian. But she was always curious about the lives of her siblings and wanted answers.

Megyn Kelly TODAY helped to bring the siblings together and they are now able to make many memories. 


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