After Bride Translates her Vows into Sign Language, Groom in Tears

A bride surprised everyone with a heartwarming gesture meant for the groom’s parents on her big day. Everyone appreciated her thoughtfulness, including the groom, his parents, the guests, and netizens from far and wide. 

Marriage is often viewed as a necessary passage. It’s a wonderful thing that two people pledge to love, protect, cherish, and support each other for the rest. There’s more to this sweet union that meets the eye. 

The wedding might bring strangers together and forge deep familial bonds. This story is similar to the one we are telling, and honors the sacred institution of marriage, love, and family. 

[Left]Michael, a teary-eyed Michael [Right]Kelsey gazes lovingly at her husband during their wedding day.Source: Morning America | Source: Morning America

Kelsey and Michael Kulick from Boaz, Alabama, were irrevocably and unequivocally in love and decided to put a ring on it. The couple wanted to get to know each other and blend in as much as possible, as is the norm. 

When they got engaged, Kelsey thought of an epic idea and discussed it with her fiancé. When Michael learned about his fiancée’s heartfelt intentions, He was deeply movedHe knew that he had found the right partner. 

What was it that Michael found so meaningful? Did it make a lasting wedding gift Kelsey had chosen for her future husband? Or was it more intimate and personal? 

Kelsey Kulick and Michael Kulick.Source: Morning America | Source: Morning America

It turned out Kelsey, 23, suggested she would like to sign her wedding vows. So, how did she come up this intriguing idea?She wanted to honor Michael’s extraordinary life, and she knew that the gesture would be a blessing for them. 

Kelsey was a 5-year-old girl that won millions of hearts with her sign during her Christmas concert. This was to help her deaf parents understand Christmas carols.

Kelsey was concerned that she might do something wrong and offend somebody rather than making them happy. Still, Michael supported her ideaI assured her that it would be loved by the people for whom it was intended. 

Kelsey Kulick and Michael Kulick at their wedding. Source: Morning America | Source: Morning America

As time passed, Kelsey didn’t mention the idea again and Michael completely forgot about it almost eleven months later. What he didn’t know was that his fiancée had secretly worked on the plan and even enlisted someone’s help. 

Kelsey contacted Michael’s Aunt Christy to learn sign language.The husband of the bride was deaf and she had to take down the wedding vows. She also had to model the gestures. 

Christy’s video was used by her. Learned to sign her vows, It was kept a secret from all.Except for Chandler Smith (wedding videographer) and Harvey (preacher). 

Kelsey Kulick and Michael Kulick at their wedding.Source: Morning America | Source: Morning America

The couple were joined by their family and friends at the Gore Creek Wedding Venue in Boaz on November 13, 2021. Kelsey baffled everyone on her big day when She signed her vows on behalf of Michael’s deaf parents Gina & Paul. 

Michael, his family, and friends were all surprised at the historic occasion. Kelsey carefully signed every wedding vow, bringing tears to the eyes of everyone, even the groom. 

Michael was overcome with emotion and couldn’t contain his tearsHe realized that his beautiful bride had done it for his deaf relatives. Smith captured the heartwarming footage and shared it online. The video quickly went viral. 

Kelsey, Michael, and Kelsey are shown with the Kulicks.Source: Morning America | Source: Morning America

Kelsey shared that she was stunned to see her video receiving millions of views and likes after she returned from her honeymoon. She stated that she was also grateful for the opportunity to share her experience with YouTube. She signed her vows in honor of Michael’s parents.Furthermore, she added:

“Looking into the future, I definitely want to be fluent because I want to be able to communicate with my family but also, I want my kids to be able to communicate with them. I want our family as a whole to be able to communicate without any barriers.” 

The young bride admitted that she was nervous about the ceremony and had practiced the act multiple times before finally walking down the aisle. Kelsey said that signing was easy once she started. She was encouraged by her husband’s reaction to her efforts to carry on.

Michael said that other than marrying the love his life, Kelsey signing the vowsIt was one of the most special moments of their wedding. It was a wonderful way to show respect and honor your partner and his families! Kelsey has a heart made of gold. 

Kelsey, a five year old girl, won millions of hearts with her signing at her holiday concert. This was in order to allow her deaf parents to understand the Christmas carols. Click here to read the full story. 


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