After being rejected at acting school, Fleabag’s star Jamie Demetriou has been named a favourite BAFTAs nominee


Jamie Demetriou’s talent, hard work and determination have made him a Stath Lets Flats entrepreneur. He is likely to win BAFTA for Male Performance in Comedy Programme.

Jamie Demetriou is expected to win a BAFTA

Before Fleabagging, he was a stage actor who played a variety of animals on the stage.

Jamie Demetriou, a drama school graduate, looks like he is becoming a creature of habit when he receives BAFTA awards.

At tonight’s ceremony, Jamie, 34, is tipped to nab the gong for Male Performance in a Comedy Programme as well as Best Scripted Comedy for his hit Channel 4 show, Stath Lets Flats.

They could be a part of the mantelpiece, along with three other awards he received in 2020. His talented sister Natasia (38), is also eligible for a gong in recognition of her role as Stath.

Today, the man who taught Jamie drama at London’s Chickenshed theatre company reckons he was always destined for stardom.

Jonny Morton stated: “I was surprised he didn’t get into a big drama school. He was good enough. It’s only through his own hard graft he has achieved so much. He’s made his own luck.”

Jamie’s big break was in the hit comedy Fleabag.



Part of that luck was landing the role of Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s buck-toothed boyfriend Bus Rodent in TV hit Fleabag in 2016.

But Jonny spotted Jamie’s talent when he was just 10, and played Boxer the horse in a musical adaptation of Animal Farm.

“He sang this emotional song with the most incredible voice and it really moved me,”Jonny. “He had something special.”

Jamie went to North Finchley’s Compton School where his drama teacher Zoe Garritt recalls: “Acting came naturally to him. He was a standout student.”

Jonny remembers being in hysterics in 2005 when Jamie was doing a BTEC at Chickenshed. He played the caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland. “He had a hard time with 15 of them playing the role. But he was brilliant.”This versatile actor also had the responsibility of playing the Mock Turtle or the Queen Of Hearts as an understudy.

Jamie’s Channel 4 hit is up for award


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Jamie as an understudy in Chickenshed’s Alice

Jamie continued his studies at Bristol University to study film, TV and theatre. It was there Prof Alex Clayton saw how his Greek Cypriot family influenced his comedy – which later blossomed into Stath Lets Flats, where he plays the bungling son of a landlord.

Alex said: “He’d often talk about his family, and Natasia was a big influence. For his final project, he did a piece about his Cypriot background and started the show by giving the audience kebabs.

“Everyone sat with a kebab on their lap, not really wanting to eat it, but I think that was part of the point.”

Jamie was also stated by Alex “a risk taker”: “He likes winding people up. But he is also a very warm soul.”

Jamie previously mentioned that his heroes were Sacha Baron Cohen and Steve Coogan, as well as his father Sotiris (82).

Jamie performing as Queen Of Hearts

After uni, he landed parts in Scrotal Recall, Drunk History, Tracey Ullman’s Show then Fleabag. He was nominated in 2019 for two BAFTAs, then in 2020 he won Best Writer Comedy; Male Performance on a Comedy Program and Best Scripted Comedy.

Teacher Jonny will be hoping Jamie is a winner again at tonight’s BAFTAs.

“At Chickenshed, we are proud of him and Natasia,”He said. “The two of them will take over the world.”

  • Virgin Media TV BAFTA Awards will be broadcast on BBC One at 6pm. The coverage will also be streamed live on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram starting at 2pm.

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