After being pushed by a passenger with a child aboard a plane, dividing opinion

A WOMAN has split opinion after being caught on video climbing up onto other passengers during a flight – one of them was holding a child.

Original video shared by @In_jedi on Twitter. The passenger was then slammed.


One woman was captured climbing over the other passengers to reach her seat on a flight.

He claimed that the woman was “hopping over other passengers”She was on the flight for seven hours and she described her actions constantly “the most criminal activity I’ve ever seen on an airplane”.

The clip, which is 19 seconds long, shows the woman wearing socks as well as pyjama bottoms.

The video shows her crossing the armrests to access the window seat in the aisle.

The passengers in the aisle between her and her seat seem unaffected by her actions, even though one of them is holding a child.

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The original post was retweeted and criticized by @PassengerShame.

One user suggested that it was “an opportune time for turbulence to kick in”.

Another person urged the other to “please give her a wedgie”It is considered a form of punishment.

Another person said that flight attendants should have intervened.

They wrote: “Wait. She couldn’t walk around? Where are the flight attendants? No one told her NO!? Oh HELL NO.”

Other Twitter users thought her choice of attire was a much worse offense. One user commented: “Nobody’s going to talk about those filthy socks and the fact that she’s flying in pajamas?”

But not all agreed.

One was asked: “Why didn’t the two guys just get up and let her in?”Clearly, she was forced to go.

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Not only did the woman split opinions, but another tried to ban her from flying with her family.

Another controversy was sparked by her slamming screaming children and poor behavior during her trip.

A woman divided opinion when she climbed over her fellow passengers during a flight (stock image)


One woman climbed up on top of her fellow passengers in a flight, dividing opinion (stock photo).Credit to Alamy


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