After being called ‘tone deaf’ by the media, Kourtney Kardashian shares rare photos of her $9M mansion.

KOURTNEY KARDNEY has shared a rare view inside her $9M home in new photos. This is after the Kardashian family was slammed. “tone deaf”.

Kourtney’s sister Kim Kardashian (41), and Kylie Jenner (24), have been criticised for being too similar. “out of touch”They continue to spend extravagantly and flaunt the wealth they have.


Kourtney Kardashian allowed fans to see inside her home during breakfastCredit: INSTAGRAM/kourtneykardash
Kourtney's sisters have been slammed as tone deaf by fans


Kourtney’s sisters were deemed tone deaf by their fansCredit to Instagram

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum uploaded the photo from her $9M home to her Instagram Stories.

Kourtney’s seven-year-old son Reign eats his breakfast in the morning from the comfort of the living room.

Kourtney (43), shares Reign with Mason, her oldest son, 12 years, and Penelope, her daughter, 10, with Scott Disick, 39.

The image shows the youngest Poosh founder eating Mickey Mouse pancakes, while his mom decorated the still with an emoji in the shape of a heart.

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Kourtney shared later the unpleasant results of the breakfast at floor level when she posted a picture of an accidental spillage.

She snapped a picture of her white carpet stained with syrup.

Kourtney shared a photo of the syrup-stained carpet


Kourtney shared photos of the syrup-stained carpetCredit: INSTAGRAM/kourtneykardash

The caption of her photo read: “syrup on the carpet.”Then, she started crying emojis that suggested that she was upset by the accident.

It is not clear if Reign or Reign’s mom is to blame or how the spillage occurred. The mother of three did however not elaborate further.

Fans also got a peek at her Calabasas home when the LA native shared a photo showing Penelope and Reign outside riding on a mini ATV.

Kourtney captured the brick and stone construction, which was surrounded by lush green vegetation.


The TV personality’s step-daughter Alabama Barker, who she now shares with Travis Barker, also shares looks inside the home.

Earlier this week, Alabama brought fans inside Kourtney and Travis’ luxe dining room.

The video shows the teen entering the room with a huge table that can hold ten people.

The black and white theme of the table decor is complemented by a selection of dishes in the middle of it, giving guests the option of choosing from a range of menu options. 

Alabama is known for saying: “It’s so pretty!”

Kourtney's living room


Kourtney’s living roomCredit to Instagram
Kourtney's home gym


Kourtney’s gym at homeCredit: Instagram/@kourtneykardash


As Kourtney and crew continue to show off their $9M mansion, Kim has come under fire for taking a minutes-long flight on her pricy private jet.

On Tuesday, Kim took to her Instagram Stories to share a meme about rising gas prices.

It reads: “Due to the increase in gas prices, a man hanging from the passenger side of his best friend’s ride is no longer a scrub, he is a man making smart financial decisions.”

Kim added a crying-while-laughing emoji to her post.

Fans aren’t amused, however, with many slamming her over the crack on Reddit.

One commenter joked: “Girl you don’t think in gas prices .. you think in jet fuel prices.”

Another critic wrote: “the irony of this coming from a supposed billionaire who flaunts their wealth and money and constantly fuels a private jet… it’s just so not genuine.”

The third author wrote: “It’s giving climate change is real.”

Someone else added: “Ummmmmmmm……….. is she trying to be relatable?”

A fifth critic complained “Kimberly your family takes jets over a 30-minute car ride, your a** does not f**king care or know about gas prices.”

The Kardashians have been coming under for their private jet use in recent weeks.


In April, Kim faced backlash for opting to take a 17-minute flight on her private jet – just 35 miles.

Fans reported that the plane produces alarmingly high levels of CO2 emissions during its short flight.

According to online flight trackersThe quick jaunt between two Southern California cities cost $914 and took approximately 145 gallons.

On Reddit, fans were stunned the Hulu star would make such an environmentally harmful trip.

“Camarillo to Van Nuys is a 40-60 min. drive,”One person has been posted. “If she really needed to save that time then a helicopter would have more than sufficed.”

“Flying to death is the most horrible thing you can do.”

“Why do people not call them out for the impact they’re having on the climate crisis?”

One fan was not satisfied. “I never want to see Kim post anything EVER about our climate. What a disgusting display.”


Sister Kylie has also been slammed for flaunting her wealth and ignoring climate issues after posting a photo of herself posing in front of private planes.

After she shared a black-and-white meal, the drama started. Photo of herself and Travis Scott, 31, posing together.

The couple appears to be kissing in the picture, standing before two private jets and an expensive car. 

The post was captioned by the mother of two: “you wanna take mine or yours?”

Fans had a lot of fun in the comments, criticizing the star for showing off her wealth.

One commenter joked, “This post just called me poor”As another quipped, “Global warming who?”

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Someone else joked: “Why you gotta flex like this?? #poorlivesmatter.”

A fourth, critical observation is as follows: “Whose plane should we pollute the earth today?”

Kourtney Kardashian gave fans a look inside her fully stocked fridge


Kourtney Kardashian showed fans inside her fully stocked refrigeratorCredit: Instagram / Benny Drama
Kourtney's kitchen


Kourtney’s kitchenCredit: Instagram / Benny Drama
Kourtney Kardashian with her two youngest, Penelope and Reign


Kourtney Kardashian and Penelope, her youngest daughter.Credit: Instagram / Kourtney Kardashian


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