After a ferocious reptile was spotted outside a school, police lasso and ride the rogue alligator

The rodeo-style capture took place outside a Charleston school. It showed police capturing the animal. This footage is reminiscent of an action movie scene showing the gator being captured.

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Police ride an alligator in a trap outside of school.

In stunning footage, police captured a rogue alligator being roded by a police officer outside a school.

After the vicious beast was spotted near the school gates in Charleston, South Carolina, a trio of officers were summoned to assist.

The rodeo-style capture took place outside Daniel Island School. It shows the cops cornering a bully – footage that is very reminiscent of an action film.

Although the modest police chiefs eventually brushed aside the drama, they did admit that it was. “not your everyday arrest”.

Officers can often be seen approaching the ‘gator from the driveway of a house near the school.

The rodeo-style capture took place outside Daniel Island School in Charleston, South Carolina.



One female officer managed to tie the enormous reptile using a lasso on its upper mouth.

She attempted to reel it back in, but the alligator snapped her deadly jaws. It thrash its head sideways.

The rope is then taken by a male officer, and the two female officers are seen straddling it before dropping to the back of the creature.

They only managed to close the gaping, tooth-lined jaw of the animal before it began biting.

The trio could only close the animal’s gaping tooth-lined mouth.



According to the City of Charleston Police Department, cops don’t know what they might encounter in their line of duty.

They were added to the list on May 10th: “Not your everyday arrest! Check out this video of our Animal Control Unit removing an alligator outside of Daniel Island School.

“Our team didn’t fear and got it done!

“You never know what you’ll encounter as an officer!”

Cops claim they don’t know what they might encounter in their work line.



The Mirror reported in October that an alligator attempted to seize the fish he’d just caught.

Dawson McMahon was delighted with his catch, as his father filmed the moment.

They had no idea that danger lurked just inches below the surface when they captured the 7-year-old bass-fisherman in their back yard on the Palm Coast, Florida.

You can hear Dad Sean “It’s alright, buddy, keep going!”As he finishes the catch.

As his father videos the retrieve, the lad moves closer to his prize.

In less than a second, an enormous alligator bursts from the water and grabs the fish out of the boy’s mouth.

The beast was a few metres from the child, and he dragged his pole into water.

The boy jumped back in alarm, and his father – still filming the incident – said simply: “Oh… my….God.”

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