Adele Speaks Out Following ‘Cultural Appropriation’ Backlash


Adele has opened up about the controversial outfit she wore to last year’s Notting Hill carnival.

Fans were left divided by Adele’s outfit, with many believing that it wasn’t okay for a white woman to wear Bantu knots as a ‘fun’ costume.

Now Adele has addressed the controversy during an interview with Vogue, admitting that she didn’t ‘read the f*cking room’.

Ahead of the release of her eagerly anticipated fourth studio album, Adele reflected:

I could see comments being like, ‘the nerve to not take it down,’ which I totally get. But if I take it down, it’s me acting like it never happened. And it did. I totally get why people felt like it was appropriating.

If you don’t go dressed to celebrate the Jamaican culture – and in so many ways we’re so entwined in that part of London – then it’s a little bit like, ‘What you coming for, then?’ I didn’t read the f**king room.

Noting that the hairstyle is intended to protect Afro hair, Adele revealed that it, ‘ruined mine, obviously’.

Earlier this month, Adele announced that her new track Easy On Me is set for release on October 15.

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