According to reports, this James Bond Alum was set to play a key Illuminati role in Doctor Strange 2.

A recent TweetJustin Kroll, Senior Film Reporter at Deadline, claimed that John Krasinski wasn’t from Marvel Studios. “first choice”Reed Richards can be played in “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.”Kroll claims that Marvel initially intended for former James Bond actor Daniel Craig to appear as the Fantastic Four leader, but plans changed when Craig decided to pull out of the film. He didn’t want the risk of getting COVID-19 and giving it away to his family.

In a follow up TweetKroll reiterated Craig’s presence in the room. “Multiverse of Madness”But he decided that it wasn’t worth the risk to infect himself and his family with COVID-19. Kroll shared all of this information to respond to another TweetWe discussed the Illuminati scenes inside. “Multiverse of Madness”a result of conflicting schedules of actors, were shot in parts. Until someone was involved in, however, they were shot in pieces. “Multiverse of Madness”Craig is confirmed to be the original star of the film by someone else. It’s best to ignore this information for now.

This story will be a surprise for most Marvel Comics fans, regardless of whether or not it is true. Craig’s name is not mentioned in any discussion about the Fantastic Four, unlike Krasinski who was loved by comic book readers for his portrayal of Reed Richards. This makes him an unusual choice to play Reed Richards. He doesn’t even look like the comic book character.

It is safe to assume that Craig, Reed Richards, would have been there. “Multiverse of Madness,”It would likely have been the biggest surprise of the film.


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