Abigail Heringer Talks About the Time She Knew She Loved Noah Erb

They seem to have been meant to be together. Abigail Heringer met Noah Erb, a native Oklahoman, on Season 7 Bachelor in Paradise The two didn’t leave the beach together. They did however, meet up soon after the show ended. Since then they have been almost inseparable. Now, she’s opening up some more and sharing with the fans the moment she knew she was in love with Noah.

Abigail Heringer shared the moment she fell in love Noah

Bachelor Nation What can you share?Abigail Heringer spoke out about how Noah Erb made her feel. Abigail stated, “Right before this was one of the worst days of my life. My eyes are swollen from crying in this pic. We were still in hiding and in Oklahoma at the time, but he took me out to one of his favorite spots, brought this bottle of wine, and we just sat in the back of his car while he cheered me up. I was like, ‘Damn, I love him.’ LOL!”

She also shared some fun facts about their relationship, including the one of her favourite dates during on Bachelor in Paradise Noah had planned a hammock date.

Abigail confirmed to me that Noah loved her mom before she was born. Paradise. She claimed that her mom encouraged her after the beach to speak to Noah. It turns out, moms are always right.

What did she think about Noah while he wasn’t there? The Bachelorette

Abigail shared her experience with Noah, saying that Noah did indeed notice her. The Bachelorette She found him funny and adorable, but he also made her feel trouble. Now, he’s her trouble and the two are absolutely adorable and in love.

Noah came through for her recently, providing encouragement. She found post-it notes with positive affirmations that she could read when she woke up. She shared this moment with fans.

Abigail Heringer Talks About the Time She Knew She Loved Noah Erb

Noah and Abigail seem serious about getting married and open to the possibility. Fans hope they will soon get engaged and begin planning for their wedding.

Becca Kufrin, Thomas Jacobs, and Thomas Jacobs are also available from their Paradise Season just got engaged.

What do YOU think of Abigail? Are they the next couple to tie the knot?

Keep checking for updates about these two lovers.

Abigail Heringer Talks About the Time She Knew She Loved Noah Erb
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