Aaron Ramsey and Gareth Bale are lined up to be awarded coaching badges by Wales following the World Cup

Ramsey and Bale were key players in Wales’s first World Cup victory since 1958. Their country’s football association supported them after their careers to make sure they can continue playing for the rest of their lives.

Wales will offer Aaron Ramsey and Gareth Bale places on a coaching course

After this winter’s World Cup, Aaron Ramsey (Wales) and Gareth Bale (Wales) will be offered places on a coaching program by their country’s football association.

These two played crucial roles in helping Dragons achieve their first World Cup since 1958. They reached the final through the qualifying play-offs. They will be joining Iran and the United States in England’s group to play in the tournament in Qatar.

Ramsey and Bale both have experienced difficult years at club-level, with Real Madrid (respectively) and Juventus (respectively). After his disastrous time in Madrid, there have been rumblings that Bale could be nearing the end of his playing career.

His national team is already planning for his retirement amid the rumours. The SunReporting that Ramsey and Bale will both be offered coaching courses. As the Dragons traveled to the Netherlands for a Nations League match, talks were held in the Netherlands.

The Football Association of Wales hopes that the pair can inspire the next generation and move into coaching after their careers are over. David Adams, FAW’s technical director, said that the FAW would like to draw on their elite experience.

“I was speaking to Gareth and Aaron away in Holland recently and they are really keen to do their coaching B and A licences in Wales – hopefully after the World Cup,”Adams spoke about his plans for the pair.

Ramsey and Bale played crucial roles in helping Wales qualify for 2022 World Cup.



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“I hope on the back of that we will be able to utilise their experiences to support our young players. I know Gareth and Aaron are extremely proud Welshman and I am sure they will be knocking my door down to come and speak to the players to get them advice and support.

“It’s a great asset for the future development and growth of the game in Wales to have these people inspire the next generation. It’s great. They won’t be bothered by me talking about coaching and helping with the player pathway. However, I will be focusing my attention on them immediately after the World Cup.”

If Bale did turn to management, it would be a U-turn on his previous plans for after retirement. It would also mean that he follows in the path of the likes of Welsh national team-mates Joe Allen and Chris Gunter, with Adams hailing Bale and Ramsey for their leadership abilities.

“They are both natural leaders. They are naturally inspirational characters because of what they have achieved. It depends on them on what they want to do. It’s worth giving them the opportunity,”He concluded.

“The biggest thing is to give them an appetite for coaching to see if they enjoy it and if they are inspired and motivated by it then brilliant. Sometimes it’s not for everyone. They have the skills and passion but it will be down to when they get into the course whether they enjoy coaching because you have to put both feet in.

“This will be a difficult task but they will make it. I hope they can be inspired to become coaches. It would be great for Welsh football if they were involved in player development and, eventually, the national team.

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