A Woman who was scared after her heart stopped following childbirth lost 171 Pounds

An obese woman experienced a terrifying ordeal after she gave birth to her child—Her heart stopped. This incident inspired her to make a change in her life as well as her body. 

Chasity Davis, who is only 4 feet 11 inches tall, weighed 365 pounds when she was expecting her third child. She struggled with daily tasks, and her entire life was consumed by poor food habits. The hospital was the mother’s moment for truth.

After giving birth, she was placed on a heart monitor. Davis later discovered that her heart stopped beating after three seconds. Davis was advised by doctors to alter her lifestyle if her life is to be lived. 

Photo: Youtube/TODAY| Photo: Youtube/TODAY

It was the beginning of her health journey that included changing her diet, joining an exercise club, and going to the gym. Although she was certain she would not be America’s next big model, she still wanted to be a healthy mom for her family. 

Davis explained her past habits and said that they made her feel miserable. Davis explained her old habits and stated that they left her feeling miserable.

“I was piling on the weight. Just eating all the time. It was ridiculous. I was in a very terrible state, but I didn’t know that I was.”


Davis initially didn’t think that stopping her heart was a major deal. But, she was struck by the words of her cardiologist. The medical professional : “Three seconds is a long time. You only need one second to be out of here permanently.”

After the scare, the then-34-year old decided to make a change in her life. Because of the stimulating conversations she had during exercise, her body and mind were helped by GirlTrek’s walking group. 

Photo: Youtube/TODAY| Photo: Youtube/TODAY


Davis : “I show up a lot of times not just for the walking, but also for the conversations.” The mother has shed hundreds of pounds since she gave birth. After joining GirlTrek, she lost one hundred seventy-one pounds. 

She also shared that her mother feels great and gave some simple tips to help her on the weight loss journey. She advised people to drink water, and to focus on one goal at the time.

A woman who lost over 100 pounds proudly. Photo by Youtube/TODAY| Photo: Youtube/TODAY

Davis stated that trying to fix everything at once is a recipe for failure. Davis explained that it’s better to focus on one thing at a given time, as this will help you reach your goals more quickly. She isn’t afraid to indulge in treats. “bad” food. 

She makes a point to eat healthy and cooks a home-cooked meal every day. But she loves a good dessert every once in a while. Although the journey was not easy it was worthwhile. The mother is beautiful, but she’s also healthy. 


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