A woman reveals a clever packing tip that will help you save tons of time when on holiday.

It can be difficult to fit everything you need in a suitcase.

A woman discovered a clever way to pack everything you need and save tons of time.


A woman shared a tip to save tons of time packing

This technique will not only make your clothes fit better, but it will also keep you organized and help you avoid bringing in unnecessary clothes.

It’s because you plan all your outfits ahead so that you only bring what you actually need.

Tiktok user going by the handle @makelifesimpler_This video demonstrates how the trick works.

She first laid a tee shirt flat on the bed. Then she added a skirt and a pair of knickers to it.

Then she folded the t-shirt in half and folded it from the top to the bottom.

The result was a neat square that included her entire outfit, minus the shoes.

First she laid her outfit flat in a pile


She first laid her clothes flat in a pile.
Then folded it into a square


Finally, fold it into a square.
Which fit neatly into a suitcase, saving time and space


These items can be easily packed into a suitcase to save time and space.

She continued the pattern with seven more outfits, creating a neatly organized suitcase that contained eight sets of clothes.

The video has been viewed over 7m times and was liked by 225,000 viewers who were impressed.

One person said: “This trick has been so helpful. I had three weddings this fall. Packing was so much easier. Thank you!”

Another writer wrote: “Ok this is genius. I never packed this way.”

The third author wrote: “I never knew this. Thank you so much. I always pack but always put my shirt and pants separately and never have room.”

However, many people pointed out that it was difficult to plan all of your outfits in advance for a holiday because you might change your mind.

Someone said: “But what if you change your mind and you’re not feeling ‘that’ outfit?”

Another one was asked: “What if the weather doesn’t play along?”

A woman revealed a packing trick that allowed her to fit all her stuff into a small carry-on bag, saving space and money.

Experts on travel share clever ways to bring less and take better care of your clothes while abroad.

One traveler revealed that she always brings an extra bag to the plane.

The end result was a packed suitcase with enough room for eight different outfits


The suitcase was packed with eight outfits and enough room to hold them all.
Woman shares packing tip: She fits all her stuff inside a carry-on bag, saving space and money


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