A woman buys an antique necklace for mere change, but later learns its true value from a jeweler

A woman saw an unusual necklace in a thrift shop and decided to purchase it. But, she was not able to determine how precious the necklace was until she asked her jeweler. 

She realized that she had struck the jackpot after listening to her jeweler analyze it. The necklace cost her a few dollars but she didn’t realize it was worth thousands. 

After going back and forth between different jewelers, she finally discovered the necklace’s true value. 

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The woman with the username TOMORROWS-FORECAST Posted a photo of the necklace on Reddit, asking other users if they knew anything about the green stones.

She revealedShe paid $6.10 plus taxes for the necklace. She visited the thrift shop often and always looked at the jewelry counter before going to other items. 

The necklace was so beautiful that she felt the need to immediately buy it. As her jeweler examined the necklace, her heart raced. During the test of the necklace for gold, he was just as shocked as the woman and stared at the diamonds.

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The woman revealed that the necklace was made from 18K Gold, but she did not test the silver. Her jeweler thought the diamonds were real. But he wasn’t sure about green stones. The senior jeweler asked the woman to return to his shop to see if he had better equipment. 

She said that it was becoming difficult to estimate the true price of the necklace.

He also EstimateThe gold cost around $2000. The woman said that she was thrilled to return the necklace to the jeweler. Meanwhile, she compared the diamonds to a diamond ring from the 1800s that she owned and concluded that the diamonds must be an older cut. 

She carefully examined the diamonds. Source: Imgur| Source: Imgur

A week later Original Poster (OP) updated Redditors with the progress. Her jeweler couldn’t identify the green stones so he advised her that she take the necklace in to a stone specialist. 

She realized that she had to spend some time researching the stones and their country of origin. She UpdatedThe Redditors returned three weeks later, after consulting a jewelologist. 

The gemologist examined the stones carefully and then examined them under microscope. After noticing the inclusions of three phases, the gemologist concluded that these stones were Colombian-emeralds. 

She gave the necklace to a gemologist. Source: Imgur| Source: Imgur

But he didn’t quote a cost because he was not certain about the carat weights. After measuring the carat weight of each stone and looking at the maker mark, the jeweler assured her that he would give a price. 

OP shared her progress with Redditors for a month. It was getting harder to determine the exact price of her necklace as the stones weren’t certified. She Detailed explanation:

“The one jeweler I was talking to said I could possibly sell it for up to $15,000 without certification and maybe 25,000+ with certification.”

The weight of the stones determined the price of the necklace. Source: Imgur| Source: Imgur

The woman Detailed explanationShe could be charged up to $1500 for certification if she applies for AGL (American Gemological Laboratories), or GIA [Gemological Institute of America] certifications. 

She preferred waiting for some time until she could save for the certification fee. She believed that the necklace was a treasure trove of thrift store finds and wanted to share her discovery with the world. 

Redditor named NeonWaffle OP regularly posted about good quality jewelry at thrift shops. She Frequently Asked QuestionsOP. How often she went to thrift stores. Please replyShe visited thrift shops 2-3 times per week. 

She was delighted to share her thrift-store find with the entire world. Source: Imgur| Source: Imgur

Many Redditors were amazed at the way OP found such a beautiful necklace in a thrift shop. They were impressed by her efforts and wished they could find something like hers. 

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