A terrifying new trailer for Junji Ito has been unveiled

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Junji Ito has been in the limelight more than ever. He has two anime adaptations currently in development. A remake of his classic film. UzumakiToonami is getting him. An anthology series that adapts many of his stories to anime is also coming to Toonami. ManiacNetflix is on the way

With all of this content, it would seem as though Junji Ito has his hands full and can’t possibly do more. However, it seems that he is able to. Ito has just announced a terrifying new tale. Its title is The Liminal ZoneIts trailer shows some chilling content.

Junji Ito: In Manga And Anime

junji ito liminal zone trailer
Here’s a shot of the trailer ‘The Liminal Zone’.

Junji Ito will also be releasing a new manga, in addition to the anime content. The trailer is outRecent social media posts have been shared. It gives a release date, a cover, and a few shots of Ito’s beautifully horrifying artwork within the book. The Liminal ZoneIt is a collection of stories. It includes four stories that cover a variety of topics related to the practice of dentistry. “professional mourning” to Japan’s infamous suicide forest. These stories are Way of the Weeping WomanMadonnaSleeping?, and The Spirit Flow Of Aokigahara.

With Ito’s collaboration with Netflix coming out, this is a great time for the author to be releasing new short stories. Maniac is going to be a collection of anime adaptations of many of Ito’s greatest short stories. He’s been writing and drawing his terrifying tales for the better part of 30 years, so he has plenty of content to pull from. Now, with The Liminal ZoneThere are many more stories that the show can use. The first season likely won’t use any from this upcoming manga collection. We might be able to see one of these stories told in the next season if the show is successful.

ManiacAnd Uzumaki

Junji Ito is a manga creator who has been successful since the 1990s in Japan. In recent years, his popularity has grown significantly in the west. His works are now available in English thanks to the internet and word-of-mouth. It’s only a matter of time before some of Ito’s most famous stories like ReminaAnd SensorGet their own adaptations. Many of Ito’s adaptations from the past didn’t get the best reception, but hopefully that can change in a positive way in the future.

UzumakiThis year, Toonami will release its October issue. Maniac Netflix is expected to launch in 2023. The Liminal ZoneIt will be available on July 26th.


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