A ‘Survivor’ Duo Makes Embarrassing History

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There’s a new Blood Vs. Water season going on down under. Australian Survivor is back with its 7th season, using the classic format that’s generated 2 of the most beloved seasons of American Survivor of all time.  The first Blood Vs. Water saw a mix of returnees and their family members, most of whom were entering the game for the first time. The second Blood Vs. Water was an entirely fresh batch of players. This new Blood Vs. Water is a mix of the two. There’s a couple who met on the show, there’s the queen of Survivor Sandra crossing over into Australia with her daughter, and there are completely fresh faces to the show.

Already it’s a very exciting season. The super-idol is back, and the challenges are as physically demanding as ever. Not to mention, within the first 3 episodes, Survivor history has already been made.  It isn’t quite good history, though, especially for the superfan players involved, it’s more of a nightmare reputation to have.

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Survivor History

The history-making duo in question is Andy and Kate. Australian Survivor fans will recognize Andy from his debut in Season 4: Champions Vs. Contenders. He’s an interesting player who clearly has more than enough passion for the game. He surprised everyone with how adeptly he conquered several of his original season’s puzzles and throwing challenges. It took him quite a ways in his season, but ultimately his social game couldn’t keep up and he was the first boot after merge. This season he was clearly hoping to adjust his game flaws, and hoping that his sister could serve socially where Andy had failed in the past. Andy’s sister had never played the game before but was everything as much of a superfan as Andy himself.

andy and kate australian survivor blood vs water
Andy and Kate

This didn’t end up being the case, however. And it ended in colossal failure. Both Andy and his sister Kate were the first eliminated from their different tribes. That’s a historic moment in Survivor. Never in the history of Blood Vs. Water as a theme have viewers seen both family members eliminated first. It’s a tragic title to be taking home. For the fans of Australian Survivor, it is definitely a blow to see someone as charismatic as Andy gone so soon. But as long as the queen of Survivor Sandra is still going strong in the season, viewers will religiously cling to their screens.

Blood Vs. Water

Australian Survivor: Blood Vs. Water has just kicked off and already the show is making history and bringing American audiences over to see Sandra compete once more. The season can surely only go in dynamic directions from here.


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